5 Organic Products to Fully Clean Makeup Equipment

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 Most ladies apply makeup on a daily basis which causes oil, bacteria, and allergens to accumulate on their eyelash curlers, foundation, mascara, and concealer brushes. It is of essential importance to keep such articles in immaculate condition, first up, because they come in close contact with sensitive areas of your face and second because neglect might lead to a variety of undesirable skin conditions like acne and eczemas. Then again, cleaning your make-up gadgets is best done with natural, safe products for the same reasons, we have listed above. Try out these tips on cleaning your makeup equipment with organic products for healthier, smoother, and fresher skin.

Olive Soap

Makeup experts recommend you gently wash your brushes with Castile or olive soap after every single use. Wet the brushes, rub them with a bar of soap, and rinse under warm running water. It is recommended to allow the brushes to dry out naturally, on their own. Provided that you lack time, you can dry them with a blow dryer but keep it at a distance – high temperatures might damage the natural hairs of the brushes. The natural oils in the Castile soap will render the hairs of your brushes softer without damaging them. Just make sure you let them dry on a flat surface to maintain the hair’s natural shape.

Deep Clean with Baby Shampoo or Soap

If you have neglected your makeup equipment’s maintenance for a long period of time, there is a good chance your gadgets will require a deep clean to rid them of all the grime and bacteria they have collected. Baby products pose as an exceptionally suitable alternative to conventional cleaning products as they are less aggressive, but also contain natural ingredients and have lower pH levels. To clean your brushes, you will need a bottle of baby shampoo (or a bar of soap), a clean towel, and napkins, but toilet paper will do as well. Squeeze a small drop of the shampoo onto the brush and rub well until soft foam forms. Please be careful not to ruin the natural shape of the brush’s hair. Once you feel the brush is sufficiently clean, rinse it with warm water, shake it out, and place it on the clean towel to dry.

Vinegar Brush Cleaner

We know what you’re thinking – “Vinegar? Yuck!” Sure, it might sound like a strange idea, yet white vinegar is highly regarded for its strong antibacterial and cleaning properties. In addition, it is completely safe for your skin and make-up gadgets. Prepping up a DIY vinegar brush cleaner will take minutes of your precious time. You will need one cup of hot water and two to three tablespoons of white vinegar. Stir this mixture well, dip the brushes in the cup, and swirl them around to remove the grime more effectively. Then rinse under running water thoroughly. Once the brushes are sparkling clean, take them out and re-shape the hair. Place them on a flat surface to dry and you’re done.

Baking Soda

This is yet another natural product with an established reputation for its powerful cleaning properties. Of course, before you proceed with the actual cleaning, you should first make sure you have removed all hair from the brush. Use a small comb if necessary or DeluxeCleaners Putney recommends removing the hairs by hand, if possible. Then add one teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of water and stir until the solution mixes well. Submerge the brush in the solution and allow it to sit for up to half an hour. Rinse diligently under hot running water and that’s all – all gunk and oil will be removed.

Glycerine Solution

Experts suggest we should avoid using regular dish soap to clean our makeup brushes as it might damage their gentle hair. Liquid glycerine soap is the perfect solution if you insist on cleaning your makeup gadgets with safe, natural products. The main compound in liquid glycerine soap is a colorless, odorless substance, commonly referred to as glycerol. Glycerol products are an alternative for people with sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. Clean your brushes in a solution of liquid glycerol soap, lemon juice, and water. Feel free to add several drops of your favorite essential oil – we personally prefer tea tree, lavender, and lemon balm. The procedure is the same – swirl the brush around in the mixture, rinse well, and place on a flat surface to dry.

Spare yourself the allergies, acne, and eczema by giving organic products a go. These products are extremely effective in cleaning makeup equipment and pose as a gentle, safe, and natural way to disinfect your beauty gadgets.

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