The Summer Home Maintenance Checklist Every Homeowner Should Know

There is no doubt that the summertime is the best time to perform home maintenance. Homeowners should make a maintenance checklist. A maintenance checklist will help homeowners remember exactly what needs maintenance and what kinds of maintenance isn’t required, for whatever reason. There are a number of maintenance jobs that will not only make home look better but will also increase the value of the home. Here is an example of a typical home maintenance checklist.


This is home maintenance ideas that will improve the looks of the home’s exterior appearance. Because in the summer the temperature is warm enough for the homeowner to touch-up the paint on the outside of the home. If the homeowner doesn’t remember the precise exact color of the home, the homeowner can ask a paint professional at your local hardware or paint store can visit the home to help determine a perfect match for the home. A maintenance checklist takes as little as summer on a weekend. A homeowner maintenance project will be much easier with the help of a home maintenance checklist.


The ideal time to wash the outside windows is the summertime. Washing the outside windows is something that doesn’t get done very often. Therefore, the homeowner may have to put forth some extra effort in order to get the windows squeaky clean. A bucket full of hot soapy water and some elbow grease will get the windows clean of the first floor of the home. However, if the windows are on the second floor, the homeowner might have to use a power washer with special chemicals to get those windows clean. Washing the windows won’t make much difference, assuming that the homeowner has removed the screens.

Curb Appeal

Decks, siding, and roofs may have stains of moss or bacteria, and can not only look bad from the curb, but they can also contribute to many different household problems and even might even reduce the lifespan of the home. Soft washing is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly which will make the home much better and increase the curb appeal. Pressure washing can harm the home and even result in expensive repairs on the home. 

Home maintenance in the summertime is necessary to keep cool. All air conditioners have a filter that needs to be cleaned out every two weeks. This is particularly true if the air conditioner is run for maximum cool or runs all of the time. This filter can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or washing the filter with warm water. Late-model air conditioners might have a self-cleaning function.


The air condition requires additional cleaning beyond the filter. The fan also needs to be cleaned of dust. To remove the fan in the air conditioner, the first step is to turn the air conditioner off. Then the frame of the air conditioner needs to be removed. After the mounting points have been identified, the frame should come off relatively easily. Then, the fan motor can be removed. The fan motor should be situated directly behind the fins inside the air condition unit. Homeowners might need some tools to remove the wires and bolts that hold the fan motor down. After the fan motor has been removed, it should be checked and cleaned and replaced back into the air conditioner. 

The furnace in the home also has a filter. The filter also needs to be cleaned the same as the filter in the air conditioner. First, the power needs to be shut off. The filter for the furnace is situated behind the service door. There may be a panel that has a screw or two that needs to be removed. If the filter is reusable simply remove the filter and wash it. If the filter is a reusable filter with a cardboard frame, it will need to be replaced.

The Washing Machine

The washing machine will also require some light maintenance every now and again. If you plan on your bathroom remodeling, then this should definitely be one the list. The seal between the drum and the door opening should be inspected after power for the washing machine has been removed, and checked to ensure that the areas are free from stains or any soil buildup. If the washing machine has any stains or soil buildup they should be cleaned with a gallon of water and ¾ cup of chlorine bleach. The degraded washing machine should be allowed to be left alone for around 5 minutes. The area should be wiped down with clean and dry and then allowed to air dry. This will eliminate any odors and prevent clothes from being stained by dirt deposits inside the seal.

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