5 Things You Can Buy for the Woman Who Has Everything

Everyone has a woman in their life who is difficult when it comes to choosing gifts. Whether it’s your partner, mother, or a distant cousin, you’ll no doubt feel a sense of dread every time a special occasion comes around and you need to buy for them. Luckily, even for the woman who seems to have everything, there are gifts that she’s bound to treasure. Here are some ideas. 

Travel vouchers

So the lady in your life already has loads of stuff? Then she’ll enjoy gifts that give her new experiences. There are many ways you can give travel as a gift, whether it’s buying vouchers for a popular travel site, or sneaking a peek at her calendar and booking a surprise break. If she’s already booked all her vacations for the year, maybe you could upgrade her experience by paying for airport lounge access or an experience overseas. 


She may already have plenty of jewelry, but buying her something personal she can wear every day or on special occasions is a great way to make memories. Something versatile like a chain bracelet will suit many tastes. A good way of choosing jewelry is to look at what she has already. Most women wear their favorite pieces of jewelry a lot, so try to find something that matches that style. 

A spa day

Who can resist some pampering and me-time? A spa day can be a great gift for women who have busy, hectic lives and deserve some time away from it all. Choose a voucher that’s flexible, so that your loved one can find a date that suits them. Or book a day for the two of you to enjoy pampering together.

One thing to look out for with spa days is allergies. If she has sensitive skin or is picky about the products she uses, call up first and check if she can be accommodated. 

A coupon book

There are always favors that people want to be done but are too shy to ask, and making a coupon book allows them to use your services for a variety of tasks. Whether it’s an evening of babysitting or cleaning out her gutters, she’ll no doubt be grateful for some time-off or help around the house.

A subscription

Why give her one gift when you can give them all year round? There are loads of subscription services that would make great gifts. Beauty boxes are one of the more popular ones, sign her up and she’ll get a box of goodies each month. However, you can get gift subscriptions for pretty much anything from chocolate to cheese, wine, underwear, or flowers, so you can get her something she’ll really love. 

Whether she’s a shopaholic with incredible spending power or a lady with very particular tastes, everyone has a woman in their life who is hard to buy for. Luckily, it’s now getting easier to buy unusual things online that she might not have picked for herself. You can surprise her for all the right reasons. 

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  1. Indeed, the best gifts that can be given to me do not have to be tied to what I already have or usually buy. a day at the spa is welcome!

  2. I ended up buying a SPA day for my wife’s birthday. Buying her a gift is always a challenge because she has everything and is not interested in Jewelry.

  3. Wow, these are some fabulous gift ideas! My sister’s birthday is coming up, now I know what to gift her ☺ Thanks for sharing these ideas ❤

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