3 Different Ways To Do Something Special For Yourself

Are you feeling a bit more stressed than usual? Do you need a moment to yourself? If you answer yes to one or both of these questions, it is time to make yourself a priority. Try one of these tips to give yourself the gift of time, luxury, or just a beautiful gift.

Gift yourself jewelry – just because

If you always wait for someone else to give you jewelry for a special occasion, now is the time to take that narrative back and put it under your control. If you have been eyeing a special piece of jewelry such as a white gold Claddagh ring with emerald, permit yourself to buy it. Make it a special gift for you and from you. There does not need to be a specific occasion. You can purchase a gorgeous ring simply because you will appreciate it. Alternatively, if you have received a promotion at work or a holiday is approaching, you can gift a ring for one of those moments in time.

On another note, as you are looking at the stylish selection of Irish Claddagh rings available, consider how beautiful they will look on a loved one’s finger, as well. The Claddagh ring has three symbolic features. The heart connotes love for yourself or another – either romantically or in friendship. The crown represents royalty and is symbolic of loyalty. And, the hands convey friendship by holding the heart and the crown.

Schedule a facial treatment

One way to do something nice for yourself is to get a well-deserved facial. Schedule one at your favorite spa with an aesthetician to help make yourself feel great. Facials are not only good for reducing stress, but they are beneficial for your skin and circulatory system, as well.

If you prefer to give yourself a facial and stay at home, here is an easy video guiding you through the steps.

Prepare your room for a restful sleep

If you are one of those people who wonder why a bed needs making before they get in and mess it all up again, try making your bed for a few nights and then decide how you feel on this controversial topic.

To start your experiment use freshly laundered blankets and linens. If you can, select warm flannels for winter and cooling silk blends for summer. Take the time to tuck in the sheets and make the bed well. Have an extra blanket or throw available in case you become cold. Choose pillows that offer you comfort and support.

Next, set the mood for a relaxing sleep by dimming the lights. Incorporate a relaxing scent by adding essential oils to a diffuser. Select a subtle fragrance that you enjoy falling asleep with. Quiet all of your devices, such as phones, tablets, and TVs. Turn on some calming music and engage in mindful meditation to quiet the to-do lists and obligations running through your mind.

All of this preparation for sleep may seem mundane; however, once you reap the benefits of a restful night of sleep, you will wake up feeling like you have slept in a five-star hotel.

Take some time today to take care of yourself. Do something special or relaxing. You work hard, and you have earned it.

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