Hosting an Outdoor Event? 4 Additions You Need to Remember to Make the Day Go Smoothly

Outdoor events provide fresh air, plenty of space, the beauty and serenity of nature, and the ability to make a bit of a mess (as long as you clean it up). However, not all outdoor venues come with the luxuries of modern comforts. Whether you have to host a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, these four additional items will ensure the day goes smoothly.

Portable WiFi

These days, people rely on the internet more than they realize. Everyone uses it to look up phone numbers, get directions, read emails, and play music. When cell phone service isn’t dependable, WiFi keeps us attached. Some people waiting for urgent health or professional updates may absolutely need the ability to stay connected, and a portable hotspot can make people feel comfortable attending your event since they don’t have to worry about going dark. The WiFi may also come in handy to promote the event on social media in places you can’t get cell service.

Dumpster Rental

In Girl Scouts, they teach that people should always leave a nature site in better condition than they found it, and you should follow that same mindset for your outdoor event. Throw away disposable plates, cups, napkins, and silverware as well as papers, paint cans, game remnants, packaging, and whatever other garbage the group accumulates into a dumpster. You can rent a dumpster for the day to ensure people can dispose of their waste properly. You should get a rental dumpster when you serve food or host any event that will result in a substantial amount of waste, such as a charitable construction or gardening project. You can also talk to your dumpster rental company about including recycling bins to help you stay environmentally friendly.

Porta Potty Rental

Nature calls, even when you have an event in, well, nature. Keep people comfortable by providing a Porta Potty rental on site. While not the ideal commode situation, it will keep people from walking a long distance to the nearest bathroom, leaving the event, or relieving themselves in the nearest bush.

Fans or Air Conditioning

People can only withstand the heat for so long. Keep people comfortable on a hot day by providing large fans or a portable air conditioner. You can also keep people cool by offering them plenty of water, frozen treats, and refreshing activities, such as a water balloon fight or water gun fight.

When hosting a successful outdoor event, you want to keep guests comfortable. These additional luxuries will increase the comfort and enjoyment of everyone who participates. You will hear less complaining, and people will have better memories of the day.

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