What You Can Do to Prevent Your Kids From Unnecessary Sickness

When kids get sick, it can be a really big deal. Younger children don’t always have the level of immune system power that adults might have, so any sickness can impact them a lot. Not only that, they can get others around them sick quickly, plus any family with a sick child might have a hard time being around a young person who isn’t familiar with illnesses. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent your own kids from unnecessary sickness.

Keep Up With Doctor Visits

Your family physician can make sure your kids are healthy. They can also offer you seasonal advice on protecting your family from any bugs going around your region right now. The biggest thing they can do is help you keep your kids up with their vaccine and booster schedule.

Let Them Play Outside

Time outdoors for kids has suffered over the years, but it’s also time in nature and getting a little dirty that helps kids build up their immune systems. The benefits of this pay off throughout their life. Having said that, you might want to limit the size of groups they are a part of.

Washing Hands 

Teaching your kids to wash their hands often is good hygiene. It’s even better if they use something like ionSURE for handwashing. Anything that helps them repel germs can be a tool against getting sick unnecessarily. Also, knowing their hands are protected by a moisture barrier gives you some peace of mind. It helps prevent dry skin that can break and have openings that infections might enter.

Keep Them Dressed Right

Kids don’t always know to say something if they’re hot or cold. You have to monitor that for yourself, and you need to check them constantly. Don’t overdress them in the summer heat, but make sure they are bundled up in cold weather. Just remember that their own temperature comfort zones are likely to be quite different than yours. They’re a lot smaller than you are.

Fight With Healthy Eating

Vitamin C, D, B, K, and the list goes on. Combined, these won’t make kids immune to all diseases, but they sure do help their immune systems get stronger. It has been noted recently that due to high unnatural levels of enrichment in processed foods our bodies do not always take away what it needs. This level of deficiency can cause a number of long-term ailments. One thing to keep on hand is fresh fruits and vegetables, especially vegetables. There are more veggies with higher, more dense levels of vitamins and minerals than you think and they often go overlooked. Plus vegetables have less sugar, even though natural, than fruit. This helps maintain a consistent level of blood sugar.

Prevention Does Work

You can’t spare your kids from all illnesses. Everyone gets sick from time to time. However, using these steps can help your kids go long stretches of time between illnesses. You might also reduce the severity and length of their sickness to boot.

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