Healthy Habits For A World In Lockdown

Your body is like a machine. What happens if you take your car to the petrol station and accidentally fill the tank with diesel instead of 91 or 95? Well, you don’t want to do the same with your body. In times like these with the whole world affected by a global pandemic, it can be easy to forget about nutrition and health. The anxiety and stress that comes with the uncertainty going on can be overwhelming and it’s all too easy to fall into bad habits. So instead of reaching for that bag of crisps or some candies, here are some better options for you.

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Medicinal Tea Infusion

Herbal medicines have been in use for so long that archaeologists have gathered evidence of its use as far back as the Paleolithic Era – that’s 60,000 years ago or so. When you think about medicines that have existed in just our lifetime, cigarettes were once physician tested and approved, cocaine was doctor prescribed. So why has herbal medicine stood the test of time? 

It would appear that herbal medicine works. One of the best ways to add some herbal medicine into your diet and daily routine is a tea infusion. So instead of the morning coffee, reach for the tea kettle, add in some areca peel or ledebouriella root and start your day off right. You can find amazing herbs such as safflower, honeysuckle flower stem, and licorice root at local health food stores St Catharines and many other places have, so they won’t be hard to find. 

Don’t Forget Your Daily Supplements

It’s easy to forget your routines when everything just sorts of blends together during this crisis. We have all been locked down for months and no one has any idea when things will really get back to some form of normal. The world is still restricted and many countries are still in either full or partial lockdowns, with many having curfews and strict orders not to travel. 

When it’s hard to tell if it’s Monday or Saturday, much less what date it is, your supplement routine can quickly fall through the cracks. So make sure you are on top of it by setting reminders in your calendar or alarms on your phone.

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Binge Watch, Don’t Binge Eat

Imagine if this pandemic happened in 1999… cinemas closed down, video rental not available… even television programs on hiatus until this crisis is over. What would there be to do but eat, and maybe play board games? You could definitely write that novel you thought about when you were a kid. Perhaps spending lengthy amounts of time with relatives in lockdown? Well, we are very lucky in this one regard with the rapid development and domination of streaming services. So instead of gorging on those snacks, maybe reach for some dried nuts and fruit, or make some miso soup and start your favorite prison drama from episode one. Your body will thank you in ways you may not realize and in the end. Think about it, what do you lose by making the switch?

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