Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Are you wondering what in the world to get him for Valentine’s Day this year? I know, I have one of those hard to buy for guys in my life too. Don’t worry, we have a list of This Lady Blogs’ favorite Valentine’s gift ideas for him that he will love. I promise! You can even shop online and have it delivered directly to your door. Then, check it off your list, busy lady!

1. Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0

If your man likes to be groomed to the nines from his head to his toes, the Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 is the perfect gift for him. This stylish trimmer looks as good as your man will when he uses it. It features SkinSafe technology, so there’s no danger of nicks, a 600mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery, so it won’t die on him, a waterproof ergonomic design so he can use it in the shower, and an adjustable guard with two lengths so he can get exactly the trim that he wants. In addition to all that, the Lawn Mower 3.0 features a ceramic blade, so it holds its edge longer, reducing the likelihood of nicks and pulling in the long run. It’s the perfect gift for the guy who loves a clean look all over. Want to check it out? They have a special offer going on right now where you’ll get 20% off all orders

2. Love Desk Mats

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the style and organized obsessed guy, this is it! Love Desk Mats complement any workspace. They look and feel like an oversized mouse pad, however, they do so much more!  Love Desk Mats protect desks from dust and scratches, keeping desk space clear and organized while adding a unique style to any home office. These mats are bold and beautiful, super soft, easy to clean, and made with 1/8″ thick non-skid natural rubber backing. To personalize this gift, create your own design with your favorite photo!

3. Lightweight Waterproof Camera from Opkix

Finally, a video camera that is small, fun, and easy to use. The OPKIX One video camera is designed and engineered to be versatile to fit your every need. It films in HD, is waterproof, and seamlessly pairs with your smartphone so you can shoot, edit and share with ease! This camera comes ready to roll with you! You get everything you 

4. Personalized Wood Watch from Joycoast

Looking for something for your special man to say, “I will love you always”? Why not give them a stylish yet rugged wood watch from Joycoast? One of the features I love most about these watches (other than the fact that they look absolutely awesome) is the personalization option! Add a special date, a cute saying, or even an image to remind them that they are loved! I gifted my son a watch engraved with “every second I love you more” a few years back and he loved it. You can just tell when a gift hits the mark. The watches are stunning but the extra element of personalization puts it over the top!

5. Custom Duffel Bag

Do you have an impossible to buy for the guy on your list? If so, I have the perfect gift for him! The Muscle Duffel from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts! It’s rugged and tough with pockets galore for all of his trinkets. The Muscle Duffle works for anything, whether overnight, travel, gym, work, or sports. This tough groomsmen duffle bag features one large exterior pocket with a flap and 2 zipped side pockets. It has leather accent brass closures. This cool man bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and features two handles with leather connectors for easy carrying. It will last a lifetime for that guy who will put it through the test. 

6. Andar Wallets

This everyday wallet includes steller features your guy will love, such as the Monarch’s Pull Tab feature, the Freeman’s ID Window, and the Baron’s Money Clip and V-pocket design. The Apollo makes it easy to access your everyday cards quickly. The money clip firmly holds several bills, and each pocket in the wallet is protected to prevent personal credit card information from being stolen.

7. Manly Man

Are you looking for a funny way to say your man how much you love him? There aren’t many gift ideas that a woman can make to a man. Plus, when you are in a long-term relationship, it becomes difficult to surprise your lover every year. Thus, choosing the mini laser-etched beef jerky hearts from Manly Man can be an interesting idea to send a love message to your partner.

Each beef Jerky Valentine’s Day heart is made in the USA at The Manly Man Company’s Southern California headquarters. The package includes 21 pieces of 1 oz. net weight each. So, instead of choosing another set of socks, a tie or shirt, why don’t you surprise your hubby with a mouth-watering and juicy heart-shaped beef? Buy it here and show your manly man how much you appreciate him! XOXO

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