Biodegradable Body Wipes: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

The human ability to adapt to and through different situations have proven crucial to the survival of the species. With time, the ability to master the environment and make use of it for the rich benefits it provides has continued to increase.

This ability to adapt, master, and even benefit from the environment, is as a result of an innate ability to be creative and innovative. Furthermore, this creative ability or innovative spirit is continuously spurred on by the various challenges that are encountered.

Getting Specific

One challenge faced by most individuals, is the challenge of keeping up with their daily schedules or activities. These days, some might even sleep in the office or in the work place and may not be able to take the good old fashioned bath. This addresses a specific need.

Imagine an athlete in need of a quick clean up after a rigorous regimen, or a person in a camp or whatever similar situation where regular amenities are not easily accessible. This certainly presents a challenge and once again humanity’s creativity and innovation kick in and a solution is created in the form of body wipes.

This piece of innovation is generally under the classification of wet wipes and it has proven very useful since it was first made. It has since however been further broken down into different more specific types for different uses. You can read more about it here.

What Are Its Benefits?

It Is Very Convenient

This is the fundamental reason why it has become a “thing” in these times; the knowledge that you have something to clean up with no matter where you are. Also added to this is the fact that it can easily be purchased and can be used at any moment it is required.

It Is Easy to Use

This is also an offshoot of its convenience. There are no guidelines as to how to use it. Everyone can use it however they see fit without misusing it.

Has Antibacterial Properties

Another of its benefits is the antibacterial properties it contains which you as a user stand to benefit from by using it. Though this might not have always been the case, most body wipes made these days have antibacterial qualities that will help you clean away the germs your body might have come in contact with.

An Alternative for When You Can’t Shower

It might sound unpleasant to some, but it does happen that one can be in a position where having a good old shower is impossible, this might be due to any number of reasons or situations. Here, body wipes provide an invaluable alternative for keeping the body clean and fresh.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Its Use? 

Some products might have some challenges as it pertains to their use. However, this is not the case here. Rather, its greatest disadvantage is about the effect its composition has on our surroundings as shown in this report:

The report exposes the damage it causes to the environment. Its use over the years has brought about a lot of damage to the ecosystem which most people generally were not aware of.

The Environmentally Friendly Alternative

This has thankfully changed in recent times especially with the realization of the real impacts of these seemingly harmless products on the compounding clogging of the sewage systems. It was found that the hordes of discarded rubbish mostly included lots of non-biodegradable kinds of stuff of which aside from plastics, body wipes made up a large chunk.

Governments around the world have heard to step in and in some cases, make regulations restricting or banning the use of products that are not eco-friendly. This has to some extent been effective. 

This again presented a challenge and a need to step up with the quality of these products being manufactured. A product that would meet environmental regulations had to be sought.

The good news is that once again, some companies have gone ahead to innovatively meet the need of the time. What we now have are biodegradable body wipes. These have become available in the market, and products like Goodwipes body wipes for busy people can now be purchased from different stores nationwide.


The only reason a product will continually sell in the market and keep its relevance in the world is a continued demand for them. As needs evolve, manufacturers must also become innovative enough to meet these constantly evolving needs of the consumer.

Here, all the parties involved, especially the environment stands to benefit a great deal from this innovation.

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