Hiking Essentials 5 Tips for You and Your Pup In and Out of the Car

Guest post contributed by June Frazier

For most individuals, spring and fall are usually the best periods of the calendar to go hiking with their dogs. Perhaps it is because spring is known to breathe new and fresh life into both wildlife and vegetation. The land is once again filled with colorful spring flowers as well as green grasses. What’s more, during this period, the overall atmosphere is friendly since the sticky and scorching temperatures are usually gone. Fall is an excellent time to visit your favorite trail and enjoy a variety of the hiking benefits with your lovely dog.

Not only does the prospect of hiking with your dog provide you with a friendly companion, but, it equally offers some benefits to your dog as well. Hiking is a fantastic way to get rid of boredom. If your dog usually sleeps all day, a hike is just the activity it requires to perk it up and run through the gentle hills. Again, since hiking involves walking in a rugged terrain which somehow demands increased movement, your dog will get the opportunity to exercise as well. However, hiking with your dog requires planning and preparation, and this implies that there are some essentials you need to take into account before setting off on the long journey. So what are the tips for hiking with your dog?

Today, we will provide you with proven, practical and efficient tips that covers everything you need to know about hiking with your dog. Peruse through it and enhance your knowledge.

1. Ensure that all the essentials are packed.

Whether it’s a short or long trip, you must ensure that you are adequately prepared. Just like a great pair of hiking boots are incredibly important to you your dog too, needs his essentials. You must carry with you:

  • First aid kit: Should have basic components such as cleansers, canine eyewash, stop-bleeding powder, bandages, painkillers, disinfectants and tweezers among others.
  • Updated tags, a leash, and a collar.
  • Favorite toys, a kennel.
  • Grooming supplies, blankets, and a towel.
  • Collapsible water bowl: Your pup cannot comfortably drink from a bottle. A portable container is ideal for giving him a drink.

2. Is your puppy up to date on tick, flea and heartworm prevention and vaccines?

It is highly advisable that you have your dog examined by your veterinarian before you leave. You are never sure of what you’ll run into while on the trail. This implies that you must ensure that your companion has current appropriate vaccinations. Equally, heartworm, flea as well as tick medication must be taken into account before you head out on the trails.

3. Carry sufficient food and water.

Just like humans need regular food and water to fuel up, the same applies for your canine companion as well. You must ensure that you carry enough water which will help prevent him from drinking the potentially contaminated liquids from natural sources. Again, you must equip yourself with nutritional and sufficient food for your dog. Your pet needs foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and calcium. For you to pack a high-quality food with all the vital nutrients, it is highly recommended that you should opt for homemade dog food recipes. In this regard, never add foods that are toxic to dogs such as grapes, onions, and garlic to your homemade recipe.

4. Take control of your dog.

It is crucial that you keep your dog on a leash and trail alone! If you didn’t know, it is common for any dog to become overly excited and start chasing after everything, ranging from deer, large birds, to squirrels and other wild animals. Remember, you are in a foreign environment, and you should not cause harm or panic to the wild. Furthermore, staying on trail implies that you won’t endanger or harm fragile and potentially threatened plant life. Finally, depending on the temperatures, don’t ever abandon your pup inside the car alone and unprotected, especially in the heat as this will possibly put its life at risk.

5. Keep your dog busy while in the car.

Provide your pup with something such as a toy, stuffed Kong or even food puzzle which might help keep him busy during the drive. This will also stop him from popping his head out of the window. Again, high winds can be dangerous to your dog’s eyes. Only have the windows open if your pup is restrained by a pet seat-belt.


The Bottom Line.

Hiking with your dog is always an exciting and fantastic experience. However, before you start the journey, these are some of the most critical factors that you must consider.


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