How to Plan a Birthday Celebration Without Leaving Your House

It’s disappointing not to be able to leave the house for your birthday. You’re not alone. Across the country, people are wondering how they can make their day feel special when they’re stuck at home. Regardless if you can go out or not, there are some things that you can do to make your day—or your loved one’s birthday—still feel special. It just takes a little bit of creativity and effort. Here are some ideas for the next stay at home birthday you have to plan.

Decorate the House

It might seem silly, but there really is something to be said about adding bright and vibrant colors to an otherwise normal space. Decorating a room of your house or the entirety of your house with things like streamers, balloons and even confetti can make an otherwise normal day feel special. Order the decorations in their favorite color for that personal touch.

Get Food Delivered to Their House

If you can’t personally take your friend out to dinner or bring them a chocolate cake with candles, then do the next best thing and send Caribbean food delivery to their house instead. This simple and kind act lets them know you’re thinking of them. Don’t do it at the last minute though. Most bakeries will need advanced notice of any deliveries or bulk orders. But things like cake, cookies or even take out from their favorite local restaurant can all help make your friend’s birthday awesome.

Virtual Birthday Party

Just because you have to stay inside doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Invite friends and family members to a virtual hangout on Facebook, Google, or even Zoom. More and more apps and websites are integrating video chatting into their services, so there’s plenty of options for you to spend some quality time with the people you care about the most.

Play Games Online or Over the Phone

Did you know video chatting apps like Facebook Messenger have games built in? Use these built in features of your favorite video chatting service or invest in a party game like Mario Party, Jack in the Box, or Animal Crossing to plan a virtual video game party with all your friends. In some popular games, like Animal Crossing, you can even get in-game presents when you put your birthday in.

Utilize Event Pages and Email

Want to get other people in on the planning? Utilize calendar tools like Facebook Events, Google Calendar and email notifications to get other people in on the party planning. Use these tools to communicate with friends to surprise the birthday person, or plan your own birthday party and invite all of your favorite people. Like anything else in life, this takes planning. Don’t message 100 people at the last minute asking if they can celebrate a birthday.

With some planning and attention to detail, these small ideas can go a long way in helping you celebrate your or a loved one’s birthday at home.

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