3 Beauty Secrets to Combat Thinning Hair

For many women, their hair is considered one of their most prized attributes. So if a woman is dealing with thinning hair, it’s not uncommon for her self-esteem to take a hit. Thankfully, there are ways to work through this type of issue to conceal or reverse it. Consider the following beauty tips.


Microblading tends to be the most popular for women who want the look of a thicker brow. Many celebrities have taken this route for a pronounced brow. As this beauty service continues to trend, more beauty professionals are getting certified to offer their microblading services. Microblading is a lot like getting semi-permanent tattoo on your brow bone. With really fine strokes, microblading technicians are able to make the ink closely resemble actual hair. A lot of women love this option because they don’t have to worry about getting their eyebrows plucked or waxed as often. After a touch-up every few months, you’ll be able to achieve the brow look of your choice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

As the aging process continues to take its toll, many women are left trying to figure out how to adjust to the hormonal circus that’s happening. As many women age, their hormones respond by producing too much or not enough. If you’re in the position where your endocrine system isn’t producing enough of a certain hormone that’s resulting in hair thinning or loss, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is an excellent option to consider. This therapy treatment can also help with other symptoms like low libido, adult acne, and low energy.

Hair Vitamins

If you’re not already consuming a daily women’s multi-vitamin,it’s time to start. In addition to a healthy diet, your body needs supplemental nutrients in order to truly thrive. That’s why hair vitamins are great to consume. While some companies offer vitamins that are strictly for hair growth, many others offer vitamins that benefit the hair, skin and nails. Biotin is one of the main vitamins in any hair vitamin mix. While many women find it to be helpful, biotin can also cause some adverse reactions in the skin. In order to combat this, make sure you’re consuming large amounts of water and consult your physician before taking any vitamins or supplements.

If you’re a woman who is dealing with the woes of thinning hair, always remember that there is a solution on the other side. This doesn’t have to become your new way of experiencing your beauty. Furthermore, hair weaves and wigs have come a really long way. Don’t forget to find a few pieces that fit your style while you’re working through the method you choose to heal your hair follicles.

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