Skills for Life: 4 Reasons You Should Work a Sales Job

If you have ever purchased a new car, a house or credit card, you understand the power of sales. Being a good salesperson isn’t just pressuring someone to buy something. Rather, it’s about creating a natural bond between yourself and a customer. This allows you to properly gain their trust and influence them to purchase your product. A good salesperson is not deceitful. They are agreeable and understanding. It also teaches invaluable skills that apply to all matters of the professional and interpersonal world. Here are four reasons why everyone should work a sales jobs.


In order for our world to function smoothly, we must be able to get our message across clearly. Sales requires you to be as direct as possible in order to get your work done successfully. This often means rehearsing your initial pitch to clients and customers. Rehearsing will make your pitch effortless and further convince them of your competence. It also means learning to improvise when a sales pitch doesn’t have the intended effect right away. Remedying  a pitch on the fly in order to grab your customers takes some quick thinking. Finally, it means showing gratitude and appreciation through grateful body language and facial expressions. 


Not every sales attempt will be successful. For every customer that you do net, there will plenty more that you won’t be able to sway. While this might seem initially discouraging, you will gradually realize how much patience and persistence matters in the sales world and in your day-to-day life. By trusting your instincts and not letting yourself get bogged down by negative thoughts after an unsuccessful pitch, you can gain confidence. This will make you more appealing to new customers and further increase your sales successes down the road. 

A big part of persistence is also resilience. It’s not for no reason that you can read online about the supposed ACN Pyramid Scheme at the same time that CAN continue to practice legitimate and lucrative business in countries around the world. There will always be people who will view your sales position as illegitimate, or will be upset with you for attempting to do your job. Persisting through rejection and angry, uncomfortable conversations will help you in aspects of both customer service and interpersonal relationships.

Social skills

Sales is a people job. It requires you to speak with as many people as possible, often face to face. Practice makes perfect with any skill, and that’s especially true with social skills. As you speak with more and more people, you will learn about what tactics work, from when to let the other person speak to how to ask questions that will further stimulate the conversation. Outside of the workplace, these social skills will make you all the more appealing to new people and further bolster your romantic and friendship prospects.


A great leader is not someone who just tells others what to do. Rather, they’re someone who’s own accomplishments are an inspiration and who does not use their success as a means to bully others. With an outstanding sales record, you can prove your own leadership skills. Your achievement will likely motivate others to ask you for your guidance. By teaching them in a dignified but inspiring manner, you can bring in a new wave of success for your company.

This can spread to all departments, not just sales. Plus, you can use your leadership skills in your personal life and inspire your family and friends through your sheer determination and confidence. When a great salesperson comes home from work, they don’t just turn off the skills they’ve been honing. Instead, they carry it over into their personal life for the benefit of themselves and those around them.

Whether it’s impressing a new romantic prospect with their great communication skills or showing leadership initiative when addressing their next-door neighbors about a potential problem, they can truly demonstrate some great characteristics on a daily basis. If you are considering a career in sales, you should definitely keep in mind all the opportunities this field provides you to expand your horizons and grow as a person, in and out of the office.

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