How to Choose the Best Parental Monitoring App

Your child has access to the whole world within his two tiny hands. With all the benefits, smartphones and the internet has its drawbacks. The digital world is full of various kinds of crimes. Your child can get himself into trouble without even realizing the danger. The excessive usage of anything leads to a disaster.  

Many of us encourage children from the beginning when they start to learn using smartphones. Which, later on, can be a problem when they get addicted to it. This addiction might lead to mental and physical issues. Some parents struggle to provide the right amount of freedom and trust to their kids. However, for such concerned parents, few parental control measures can help parents keep tabs on their kids’ activities. Using these parental control apps and safety measures, parents can ensure their kids’ security in both the real and digital worlds. 

You may get several questions once the alarming thought enters your head. “Where are they spending most of their time?” “With whom are they interacting?” “Are they hiding something from you?” Well, you can have every answer through monitoring apps. These apps let you track your child’s activities, both offline and online.

Using these parental monitoring apps, you can see with whom they are interacting on social platforms. You can track their real-time locations and set screen limits just with a single click. These apps play a vital role when it comes to your kids’ activities online. 

However, this might not be a solution to your problems. If your kid gets to know that you are spying on him, this might make him lose all the trust. So, it better if you talk to them about your protective approach. Teach them the difference between productive time and overuse of the internet.

Though many of the monitoring apps offer the stealth feature, you must tell your kids’ about it first. However, this stealth mode helps many people how are going through doubts about their marriage or relationships. 

Things to look for in a kid monitoring app

If you look around the market, it is busy with advanced monitoring apps. Choosing the right one can always be a difficult task. However, if you are looking for a perfect monitoring app for yourself, here are a few points that you need to keep in mind before making the purchase. 

Suitable Features

The first thing that you need to focus on is the set of features that the app offers. As mentioned above, these apps also help in monitoring employees and other people. So, you need to choose an app that has befitting features for you. Some features that a parental monitoring app should offer are: 

Call and SMS monitoring

The first feature that most of the parents consider useful is this one. You need to ensure that the app lets you see all of the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls along with the texts. 

App Management

When your child starts spending too much time on one app, it’s just a step closer to being an addict. The app manager will let you manage all of the downloaded apps on the phone. You can block or delete any app that you want. So, this feature can be helpful when it comes to managing their online routines. 

Location tracking

Parents don’t want their children to go alone out in the world. However, with growing age, kids ask for more freedom. They want to go out alone or spend their free time outside the house. If your monitoring app has a location tracking feature, you can track your kids’ location wherever you want to.


The app you’re going to choose should have a normal process of installation. If the process is too complicated, it might cause difficulties. The app should have a user-friendly interface. 


Most of the monitoring apps are compatible with both Android and iOS.  When you are on the hunt for your ideal app, make sure you get the app that is compatible with your device. 


One of the main factors that define a monitoring app is affordability. Most of the apps offer the same set of features, but some of them have a comparatively low cost. So, have a comprehensive sight of apps and their prices before you choose one. 

One of the most selling and reliable monitoring apps in the market is XNSPY. If we talk about the best monitoring apps, XNSPY lands on the top. It is a popular choice in the market as it offers both basic and advanced features. 

It comes with two subscription models. The basic version (USD 4.99 per month) and the premium version (USD 7.49 per month.) If we compare the price of its subscriptions with other apps, it is the most affordable monitoring app. All of the advanced features and its affordable price puts XNSPY at the top of the chart. 


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