Country Dance Lessons for Perfection

Country dance lessons are great for physical, mental and emotional wellness. When you learn how to dance you will continue to enjoy the benefits. Line dancing is not just an exercise it is a way of enhancing your confidence and mastering a social dance. You can gain better attention from your friends and family once you learn to move with the music right. Those who love dancing also have a great fondness for music. You can move gracefully to your favorite country music numbers at the bars, clubs, private parties, and other social gatherings.

Many people look towards exercise for a healthy heart. They use training videos or hire a physical instructor to help them out. Line dancers have no issues of the heart because the activity keeps it healthy. Those who take up country dance early in their life also do not have to deal with the Alzheimer disease when they get old.  It is an irreversible and a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Most people lose their thinking skills as it causes changes in the brain. Alzheimer’s symptoms usually appear when people are in the mid-60s. Approximately more than 5.5 million Americans have this life damaging disease that can lead to death. In cardiovascular diseases narrowed or blocked blood vessels are involved. It leads to a heart attack, chest pain, and stroke. With age and bad habits, people can also suffer from other heart conditions such as damaged heart muscles, valves or rhythm.

Modern studies show that dancing reduces the risk of heart disease and also the loss of memory. It improves both heart function and brain function. As compared to physical activities such as swimming, bicycling, walking, and playing golf or tennis, country dance offers better protection against dementia. It takes a bit of a mental effort and boosts happiness which in result improves the brain function. This is why it is great for both mental and physical wellbeing.

Besides being a fun activity country dance also improves your inner balance. You can look more sophisticated and walk with more elegance. Those who dance have lean figures as they love to spend a lot of time moving to their favorite music beats. If you do not know how to dance, take up the country dance lessons so you can learn to stay right on the beat.

The country dance lessons will teach you how to lead and follow. There are things like the double steps, the triple step, and the turns that involve the footwork. With line dancing, it is all about the footwork and once you learn all the steps you can move like a pro. When you have the spare time, instead of sitting on the couch and watching movies, get out there and find a country western bar or club to join others in line dancing.

When you dance often you will see the improvements in your mind and body coordination. Besides gaining more self-confidence you will feel prouder of yourself. Learning something new always gives you a happy feeling. It is more or less a new achievement. At the western bars and clubs, you will dance to various songs and this way gain more perfection.

With every new achievement in life, there is a feeling of comfort attached.  Dancers are usually mentally comfortable about their life and can cope with all sorts of situations with ease. They are more social and make many friends that are able to help them out in times of need.  

For the country dance lessons, it is good to dress up in a comfortable manner. Wear the comfy flat shoes so you can move easily on the dance floor. You will not need to look for a partner if you do not have one. The dance instructor will be your partner for the lessons.  

Life gets a bit boring for many young couples when they run out of places to visit and things to do.  Country dance lessons offer a perfect way of spending time with a fun activity. After you learn how to line dance you can learn the Salas, Tango, Jitterbug/Swing, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-cha and Foxtrot. This will help you out in the long run. At dance parties, engagements and weddings, you will be noticed for your smooth moves and hence may gain more popularity.

Those who are shy cannot move up the ladder of success due to lack of confidence. Parents of these kids need to send them for some country dance lessons to overcome shyness. The lessons are very affordable, and they are a great way to prepare for wedding events as well. The dance instructors will help with the choice of music and will teach the entire team to move in a well-coordinated manner.

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