Dual Purpose: 3 Fun Hobbies that Can Also Help You Save Money

When many people think about ways to spend their leisure time, they often think about expensive activities. For example, you may think about watching movies at the theater, golfing, boating or other activities. While some hobbies and past-times can cost you a small fortune, others may actually help you to save money in various ways. If you are looking for a smart leisure activity that is fun and cost-effective, consider exploring some of these wonderful options.


Sewing is a hobby that may be decreasing in popularity, but it nonetheless is a fun, creative way to spend your time. You could try needlepoint, quilting, using applique embroidery designs and more. When you know how to sew skillfully, mending garments and extending their life is a breeze. You may even become so skilled that you sew some of your own clothing. You can also use this hobby to actually make money, such as by doing custom embroidery work in your free time.


If you are looking for a hobby that takes you outdoors, use your green thumb to grow a garden. By growing even a few crops seasonally, you may be able to reduce your grocery bill substantially. Many plants produce more food than you may initially think that they could. Consider canning, freezing or preserving some of your crops in order to make the most out of your efforts. You could also sell some of your crops at a farmers’ market to make extra cash from your hobby. Even if you’re limited to a small space for your gardening, you can still save money by growing an herb garden in a space as small as a windowsill.


While cooking is a chore for some people, it is a fun activity that is very enjoyable to others. Some people take pleasure in preparing delicious food for friends and family. They regularly try new recipes and experiment by tweaking a few recipes. When you cook well, you may be able to eliminate the expense of restaurant meals. In some cases, restaurant meals may cost twice as much as home-cooked meals. You may even take a few cooking or baking classes to improve your skills.

Each of these fun activities can enrich your life in fabulous ways. You can work on improving your skills over time, and you may even ask a friend or family member to join you in these activities to add a social aspect to them. Consider trying some of these or other activities that may be enjoyable and that can help you to save money in various ways. You may even find excellent activities that can help you to earn extra cash on the side.

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