The 11 Best Plants for Your Kitchen

Everyone knows adding plants to your home has many positive effects from helping to purify your air to giving a nice decorative touch. But one room that is often overlooked in terms of foliage is the kitchen. We generally see the kitchen as a workspace and we don’t normally decorate it in the same sense as a living room or bedroom.

Well I’m here to tell you the kitchen is a great place to put indoor plants! Having an assortment of small succulents in your window sill or a potted plant placed on the counter, your dining table, or an end table in the kitchen or dining room will give your kitchen new life. You can even add a floor plant like my personal favorite, the fiddle leaf fig, to an unused corner in your kitchen.

Plants in your kitchen are especially good if you have a bright and sunny kitchen. Maybe you have a big window over the sink or a sliding glass door connecting it to your backyard that gives you lots of natural light. These are the perfect places to add a hanging ivy or an aloe vera plant. And if you’re a black thumb like me don’t worry, because I have a whole list of easy to care for plants with care guides below.

Kitchen Cabinet Kings was gracious enough to send us this amazing guide to the best plants for your kitchen. Take a look at the full infographic below.

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  1. Just what I need. I was looking for a list of indoor plants that I can add around my parent’s house and this is perfect. Do you have any tips on what’s the perfect plant to add in a bathroom?

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