4 Hobbies You Can Share With Your Kids

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys. As children grow, they develop their own skills, strengths, and hobbies. One way to create a strong bond and lasting memories with your children is to find ways that you can share your time, as well as continue to help your children learn and grow. This article will review a few fun ideas that you and your children can start doing today.

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Quilting and Cottage Garden Threads

As ancient as the early Egyptians, the art of quilting has been used to produce beautiful warm cloth. In simple terms, quilting can be said to be simply the art of sewing multiple layers of clothes to form a larger and warmer cloth. However, there are many people involved in the art of quilting, amateurs, and professionals alike. Quilting is more than simply sewing clothe together.

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New Year New Skills: 5 Hobbies to Try in 2020

Isn’t there a fun hobby or pastime you have always wanted to try? Don’t wait any longer. Make 2020 the year that you actually do it. In fact, try several new hobbies to broaden your interests and expand your creativity. Whether you are interested in using your brain, your hands, or your entire body, there are plenty of interesting hobbies to experience. Continue reading “New Year New Skills: 5 Hobbies to Try in 2020”

4 Hobbies That Will Take Your Breath Away and Offer Fun Memories for Your Family

Life is full of moments that can take your breath away if you give them a chance to shine. People are often too busy to enjoy moments of quiet beauty, but these four hobbies should help create fun memories for your family. Consider the ones you feel most comfortable with.

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Dual Purpose: 3 Fun Hobbies that Can Also Help You Save Money

When many people think about ways to spend their leisure time, they often think about expensive activities. For example, you may think about watching movies at the theater, golfing, boating or other activities. While some hobbies and past-times can cost you a small fortune, others may actually help you to save money in various ways. If you are looking for a smart leisure activity that is fun and cost-effective, consider exploring some of these wonderful options.

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How to Share Your Hobbies with Your Children


Many parents have hobbies that they thoroughly enjoy, but they feel as though their hobbies pull them away from their family. After all, time is often in short supply. Likewise, many parents also feel that the family does not spend enough quality time together. Even if you gather together for movie night or are often together on the couch, you may not be actively engaging each other. If you can relate to these challenges, getting your children involved in a hobby that you love may be a smart idea. Follow these tips to encourage your children’s engagement.

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3 Dilemmas You’ll Inevitably Face If Your Child Is a Daredevil

Some children seem to have an innate and reasonable sense of caution and even fear that keeps them away from truly dangerous situations. For example, many children would not dream of climbing to the highest location possible in a tree or scaling the house to stand on the roof. Other children, however, are true daredevils. They thrive on adrenaline and love to push the limits. If one of your children falls into this latter category, there are a few dilemmas that you will inevitably face over the years.

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3 Awesome Hobbies for Your Thrill-Seeking Child

Finding hobbies or extracurricular activities that your children will be passionate and enthusiastic about is more challenging for some parents than for others. Many children are perfectly happy playing on a neighborhood sports team or learning how to play a musical instrument. Others, however, live for big thrills and thrive on rushes of adrenaline. For these children, common activities can seem dull. If your child has tried other more common activities and hobbies without much luck, these are some other less common activities that may be better suited for thrill-seekers. Continue reading “3 Awesome Hobbies for Your Thrill-Seeking Child”