5 Games to Help Your Child Build Stronger Muscles

Muscle strengthening is not limited to any age group or gender. Exercise not only can boost a child’s self-confidence but it also allows them to lead a healthy life as adults according to the American Council of Exercise. Kids who do not exercise or play any sports have shorter and rigid muscle fibers. As the child gets older, the rigid muscle fibers limit the flexibility of the limbs and the body overall.

Physical activity isn’t just great for the body but has many advantages for the mind as well. It teaches you teamwork, discipline and improves your decision making. If a child is interested in sports, starting early can help strengthen muscles and bones. A child with weak muscles will find it harder to compete with a child who has stronger muscles. As the muscle is used more often, the muscle tone increases and is strengthened.

Here are activities perfect for kids that will help build muscle strength and improve their stamina.


From helping you relax to giving you the most intense full-body workout, there are plenty of reasons swimming is great for your body regardless of your age. Swimming is one of the most productive tasks you can take on this summer.

Swimming involves the use of multiple muscle groups in your body. In fact, your muscles will work hard without you even knowing it. Your back, your biceps, triceps, arms, and shoulders all move as you do. Introducing your child to swimming from an early age will be very beneficial in the long run.

Stretching the body also helps in strengthening the body and pushing it forwards strengthens your core which provides more stamina, stability, and balance. The best part about swimming is that once you learn how to do it, you never forget how to do it no matter how old you are. Muscle memory is a charm!

Here’s a friendly reminder. Make sure you never leave your kids unattended in a pool. Practice pool precautions and always have an emergency plan.


You must have seen kids as old as yours perform beautifully in gymnastics and you also must have seen how fit and energetic those kids are. Gymnastics is an incredible developmental sport that has a profound impact on your child’s mental and physical health. It helps transform your child’s body into the body of an athlete with increased stamina, speed, balance and coordination.

The stretch exercises and poses help make the body flexible and if your child keeps practicing gymnastics all their life, they will never have to face weak bones, backache or joint fractures that many suffer in old age. People as old as 80 who have been gymnasts their whole life have better flexibility than a 22-year-old.

Besides giving you healthy muscles, gymnastics help your child manage their time and set goals. Gymnasts also have better-listening skills and enhanced cognitive abilities.

Horse Riding

Getting off that couch is the change your child desperately needs. Horseback riding is a sport that is filled with perks. When it comes to the physical health and fitness of the child, riding a horse can give them a full-body workout especially for their back, abs, arms and leg muscles. It helps stretch the muscle fibers and increase muscle tone for better stamina and coordination. The ability to balance oneself on the horse and move with the movement of the horse while controlling it not only helps the child’s muscles remain physically strong but also help them gain more self-confidence. Horseback riding is also a great way for the child to connect with the horse and develop a special bond that would teach him the responsibility of caring for animals.


Yoga is one of the most effective exercise that one should teach children as well. Yoga is not only meant for helping an adult relax after a stressful day. It is also a great muscle strengthening and flexibility exercise that allows you to perform better in other sports. Doing yoga with your child twice or thrice a week not only has physical benefits, but you can bond well together.

The Ball Games

Any sport that uses a ball like soccer or basketball is great for building muscles. It’s a full-body workout that involves using all muscle groups and strengthening them to make them coordinate better. Kids who participate in sports at a young age have healthier minds and healthier bodies than the kids who don’t.


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