How to Start Your Morning off Right: Improve Your Productivity

If you are like most people, you dread the sound of the alarm clock waking you up from that deep slumber each morning. What you may need to get you out of bed faster is a set routine to get you going. Here are five ways that you can start your morning off on the right foot and improve your productivity throughout the day.

Get Moving

The fastest way to rid your body of that sluggish feeling that will not go away when you get out of bed is to instantly get your body moving. People who are committed to exercising each morning start the day off with a major hurdle out of the way.

Exercising in the morning will deliver energy throughout the day. It will also boost your mood so that you have a more positive outlook on the day, equipping you with the emotional tools that you need to deal with obstacles. It is also more difficult to put off your exercise routine if you get it done first thing in your day. As a bonus, you are more likely to eat well and take care of yourself if you start your day with a sweat session.

Fuel Up

What you put into your body when you wake up has a significant effect on your productivity and energy levels. While some people settle for a handful of Cheerios or a donut on their way out the door, this is not enough to sustain you for the day. Fueling up with a hearty breakfast that balances protein and carbohydrates will yield the best results.

Many people also greatly benefit from a dose of caffeine to rev up the engines. A quality cup of Kona coffee is a delicious and highly advantageous way to start your day. Not only will you enjoy the rich taste of this premium Hawaiian coffee, but you will also receive a nice jolt of caffeine to get your motor moving.


In addition to the caffeine jolt of a good cup of coffee and the nourishment of a solid breakfast, you also want to be intentional about drinking enough water. Before you do anything else with your day, it is recommended to down a big glass of water.

For additional benefits, add a squeeze of fresh lemon. Lemon water will boost the innate energy levels that will last you throughout the entirety of the day. Drinking the lemon water first thing on an empty stomach will improve the overall nutrient absorption. Lemons are full of vitamin C, potassium, and various antioxidants, making it a nutritional powerhouse to make part of your everyday routine.

Set Goals for Each Day

Setting goals for each day will provide you with a set to-do list so that you can boost your productivity. It is not good enough to simply arrange these goals in your head. Writing down all of your goals will help you to visualize exactly what needs to be done and formulate a plan to make it happen.

If you are most productive in the morning, make an effort to tackle the most challenging goals first. You will be surprised at the mental boost that you enjoy by simply crossing things off of your list of the things that you need to do each day. This will provide you with even more motivation to forge ahead and get more done.

Meditate, Pray, or Relax

You will be much more productive if you feel centered and ready to tackle the rigors of the day. How you achieve this sense of calm varies between individuals. Some people find great strength in starting the day with a round of meditation. Other people find their inner peace by spending time in prayer.

Another good way to clear your head and unload your thoughts is by writing in a journal. Putting your emotions on paper is an ideal way to help you to feel more in control. Reading a book or newspaper can also be a therapeutic exercise as you begin a new day.

Employing these five tips will ensure that you put your best foot forward as you begin each day. As a result, your productivity will naturally soar.

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