Fun Activities To Do With Friends This Fall

Fall is perfect for outdoor activities because it is devoid of extreme heat and cold weather. This season offers you a chance to wear those cool jackets that you own, make numerous treats from apples that are in season, and participate in cool activities. If you are planning to make the most out of this season with your family and friends, here are tips for fun activities to do:

Cooking activities

If you are a foodie, fall is often the best time to try new recipes. The season not only has great weather, but it is also a chance to make some of the meals you missed out on during summer. You can also take cooking classes with your friends and learn to make gourmet meals in preparation for upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This season is also marked with numerous vegetables and fruits making it easy to create new recipes too.
You can also invite your friends over for chili cook-off competitions. While at it, compete and evaluate which of your friends can make the best chili and reward them. You can also make your friends fall-themed treats such as apple caramel, pumpkin pie, and butternut soups.

Cycling Activities

Cycling is often one of the most fun activities you can engage in with a group. When planning to engage in cycling activities, you might need an electrical bike to upgrade your bike so that it can work efficiently when you are cycling on the mountains and hiking trails. This kit will convert your bike to a motored device thereby protecting you from accidents when you go mountain biking. Apart from being fun, cycling is also good for your health and it can protect you from medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

Because of the pandemic, many cycling events were canceled or postponed until next year. If you and your friends weren’t able to participate in your usual events this year, why not take this opportunity to train together in preparation for next year? Now, you have more time to build up your power, strength, stamina, and speed. Of course, make sure to practice proper safety protocols when outside and keep your distance from others to avoid catching the virus.

Engage in sports

With the weather being all nice and cool, you can engage in various sporting activities with friends especially if you are athletic. Among the top sports, you take part in during this season include football, soccer, golf, ice hockey, netball, and cross country. In various cities and towns, there are numerous clubs where you can find people who share an interest in the sport you want to take part in. When you join these clubs, you will spend the season enjoying yourself. It is also important to note that autumn is also the best time to try a new sport.

Pumpkin picking

Fall is often the best time to engage in pumpkin picking with friends and family. Before embarking on this fun activity, you need to conduct thorough research so that you find out:

● The kind of activities you and your friends can engage in the pumpkin patch
● Food options available in these places or whether you have to carry your meals
● The hours the pumpkin patch is operational

Once in the pumpkin patch, you can take part in numerous activities and take a ton of photos to document this funfair.

Go for picnics

Autumn is the best time to go for picnics with friends. Apart from the good weather, fall is marked by magnificent colors that make being in the outdoors worth it. When you go out for picnics, you may want to take assorted foods such as flatbreads, crackers, nuts, cheese, dried fruits, and pumpkin pie. While there, you can participate in activities such as fishing, bird watching, and even fly a kite.

Put up a bonfire 

Nothing is interesting like seating around a bonfire or fire pit at night with friends telling stories. Fall has crisp weather that makes it possible to stay out for most of the night. You can spice up these night rendezvous by playing games such as the Alphabet game, make shadow puppets, stargaze, and roast marshmallows.

Decorate for Halloween

You can get your friends to help you make costumes and shop for Halloween decorations. They can help you set up for outdoor décors such as haunted trees, coffin cooler, backyard cemetery, and giant spiders. Having them help you set up these spooky decorations is a fun activity and it would also give you a chance to catch up with them.


You should take advantage of this season to bond with family and friends before winter sets in and makes it difficult to participate in outdoor events. The fun activities listed above will not cost you much to organize and engage in.


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