5 Ways Hospitals are Switching to Sustainable Practices

Today’s hospitals are launching various initiatives to enhance their chances of success in providing healthcare. If your hospital has these sustainability criteria on handling waste or procurement, it is high time to follow these sustainability practices. Having these practices help your hospital save millions of dollars that you spend to run your business.

However, contributing to sustainability issues can be difficult if you have a few staff members and limited time to plan how you address problems. You need to have a plan and budget to improve patients’ lives that come to your hospital. If you don’t have an idea of how to start, then this article will guide you.

1. Handling Of Procurement and Waste Management Processes

One of the best ways to turn to sustainable practices is to improve waste management. Always review your waste management process to ensure if there are recyclable materials that need recycling. Ensure your hospital has these follow-up procedures and commitment to reinforced sustainability practices.

Also, hygiene in the hospital should be your concern to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Every surface of your hospital needs disinfection, and this a goal you can accomplish without the need for harsh chemicals. The hospital needs to procure appropriate disinfectants that will not bring side effects to your patients.

Implementing recycling schemes is applicable in foods and dining services; you need to handle single-use plastic issues. Adopting local foods will help your hospital reduce food waste. It is best to collaborate with local organizations to provide you with locally grown food.

2. Reuse Surgical Equipment

The cost of using single surgical equipment is high as compared to reusable equipment. Research conducted by Western Health shows that locally reusable aesthetic equipment saves around $5,000 yearly in each operating theatre.

If your hospital has standard breathing circuits used by anesthetized patients, patients won’t risk microbial contamination if you reuse them. In addition, these can be used six times a year in your theatre operation. This will save you money that you can use for other expenses like water and electricity.

3. Digital Transformation

Before you can achieve sustainable practices, switching to technology advancements to reuse items will be great. If you are a hospital leader, you need information concerning these digital technologies. It goes in hand with how you utilize your resources as you shift to sustainable models of healthcare.

Having a surgery headlight will help you avoid any mistake that might occur in threat rooms. However, you can extend your operation by reaching out to your patient on their premises to reduce regular hospital visits. Thus, having advanced technology in place means running an intelligent hospital that can implement sustainable practices.

4. Practice New Regulatory Requirements

The government is putting in place regulation that impacts healthcare, and you encourage adopting sustainability practices. Due to that, the government employs international standards and metrics that you need to follow concerning the energy material you use in your healthcare organizations, also its impact on the environment.

Failure to abide by such regulation means you’re likely to face charges by the government. It will help if you can prepare and big to implement these sustainability practices to avoid any costly consequences which might affect your healthcare.

5.Better Ways to Lower Environmental Footprint

Many healthcare industries are polluting the environment due to emissions from hospitals and medical supply chains worldwide, accounting for 4% of CO₂ emissions. In addition, there is the creation of an immense backlog of patients who are waiting for services. Due to such a situation, you need to reduce the patient’s length staying in your hospital by reducing the carbon footprint.

You need to do future research and consult other institutions on lowering a hospital’s environmental impact. Improving patient health care with an efficient discharge without readmission using virtual home care will be the best. You need to address such issues as early as possible to enhance your sustainability practices.


As a healthcare provider, it is essential to avoid environmental degradation that will impact the health status of the patients. If you need to stay ahead of others, you need to innovate plans to contribute to sustainability practices. We hope this article helps you to focus on some changes you need to contribute to your hospital. 

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