Use Essential Oils to Sleep and Relax Better

Everyone experiences an inability to sleep and relax at some point in their lives. One method that you can use to help you sleep and relax better is aromatherapy using essential oils. Essential oils are oils that contain the essence of plants namely their scent. These oils are created by distilling the plants using a variety of methods and then adding them to oil.

Essential oils are easy to incorporate into your sleep routine. You can use lotions and creams infused with essential oils. There are candles that have essential oils in them. You can buy or make your own specialty soaps that are full of your favorite scents. Diffusers are also a great way to help your home smell great and use essential oils.

Science also backs up the many claims that essential oils like jasmine, lavender, and clary sage can help you sleep. There are many different essential oils that science has proven to help you sleep and relax better

When you can’t sleep you should try essential oils. While there are many different medications available both over the counter and by prescription that can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer they often have unwanted side effects. One of the most common side effects of these medications is having a groggy feeling in the morning. The great thing about essential oils is that unlike medications you don’t have the same side effects.


In this infographic by SleePare, they give you science-backed facts about the 15 essential oils that can help you sleep and relax. They also discuss how each essential oil, in addition to helping you sleep better, have properties that can help with different problems that you may have. For example, did you know that frankincense can help treat indigestion? Or that peppermint can help relieve headaches? Check out the infographic below so you can sleep better tonight.

Essential Oils for Sleep

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