How to Design a Kid’s Room that Inspires Creativity

The environment children grow up in is crucial for their development. Apart from the social environment, parents also need to focus on physical surroundings. As kids spend a lot of time in their room, playing, reading, and sleeping – we can be sure that this space helps them develop and become more creative and independent. In this article, you’ll learn how you can create a space for your child that inspires them and is nourishing for their imagination. Here are the best tips on designing a kid’s room that inspires creativity and is also a functional environment. 

Color theme

One of the main things you can start with is the room’s color palette. This includes the color of the walls, artwork, bedding, etc. Colorful spaces are very inspiring both for kids and adults, and you can never go wrong with a multi-colored room. Experts say that colors that foster creativity the most are the ones you can find outside, in nature. These include blues, greens, yellow, orange, red, etc. You can always have a neutral base and add pops of color here and there, using interesting posters, colorful beddings, a carpet, etc.

Just keep in mind that, if you are about to relocate and decorate your child’s new room, make sure you compare the measurements of the old and new space, as well as the furniture pieces you’re bringing. This way, you’ll know the furniture will fit, and the movers can easily and safely bring the pieces inside the new home.

Rugs can be creative, too

The primary purpose of rugs is to keep the kid safe when falling or playing. However, apart from this central role, carpets can also inspire and be quite fun. Rugs in vibrant colors, geometric shapes, or game designs can inspire kids and bring that pop of color to the room.

Wall art 

If you surround your child with some art, it will create and stimulating atmosphere and be the room that inspires creativity. One of the exciting wall arts is hand-painted murals that you can paint on your own. Depending on your child’s interests, you can choose among an endless number of ideas—a floral mural, planets and space theme, sports, etc. If you’re not good at painting, you can hire a professional to help you out, but also try a less expensive option. Wallpapers are a great way to add color to a room, and you can choose among the various pictures, themes, colors, etc. 

Let the child create wall art 

Sometimes, the best way is to let the child create art independently. Nowadays, you can find some fantastic chalkboard wall paints that are very effective and budget-friendly. Use them to paint a wall or a shape on the wall, and let them use chalks to write and draw. This is the best alternative to unwanted wall scribbles, as you can wipe the board down without repressing your child’s creativity.

Make room for creativity 

Even though there is such a term as a creative mess, make sure you ensure an open space in your kid’s room so they can create the mess themselves. Plenty of space will encourage them to play, dance, build forts, play with blocks or a railway set. 

Wise choice of toys and supplies 

Depending on your child’s age, be sure to pick toys that foster imagination and really be useful for their playtime. Furthermore, another way to play without toys is with creative supplies. It’s best to have an artistic station – a desk with some shelves and organizers for the supplies. Add colorful papers, watercolors, crayons, stickers, etc. All of these will encourage your child to create unique artwork and improve the creative side of their personality. Furthermore, it’s okay for these supplies to be organized and at hand – but don’t overdo it. Sometimes, the mess can be genuinely creative, and some people work best in such environments.

Add a fort for reading and telling stories 

Adding a fort for reading or telling a story can be a very special place in each kid’s room. The effect of secrecy and mystery will be very interesting for kids, but also help them make up their own story. A fort can be a play castle or a teepee designed just for kids’ rooms. This will surely boost their creativity and maybe make them a writer or storyteller one day!

Creative bed solutions

Nowadays, designers are doing their best to make ordinary furniture extraordinary. Therefore, you can pick a bed that can be used both for sleeping and playing. Some common examples are beds similar to treehouses, with an elevated sleeping area and a playroom underneath. Think about your kid’s interests, and shape their bed according to something they like – a treehouse, a pirate ship, etc.

Include bookshelves 

When books are neatly displayed on a shelf, this will encourage kids to grab them more often. There are some exciting shelf ideas, where you can buy a bookshelf in the shape of a tree, for example. This detail will give a whole other dimension to the room and make it a place to read and create. 


Things like talent and imagination can be encouraged by the right tactics. One way is to design a kid’s room that inspires creativity, as this is the space where they spend a lot of time. The right colors and attractive furniture will turn an ordinary room into a creative space every child will love.

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