The Top 4 Kids’ Space Bedroom Ideas

Do you have a child who is utterly obsessed with all things space-related? Whether they’ve always dreamed of being a future astronaut or are in love with Buzz from Toy Story, a space bedroom is sure to make their galactic dreams come true!

A space themed bedroom will certainly set their imagination alight whilst they play astronauts with their friends. Or, if they’re a little older, a sci-fi space bedroom will make them feel like they are living in their favourite online game or scene from Guardians of the Galaxy.

We all have good intentions when we start a new project. But it’s sometimes difficult to think of ideas to create what it is we have in our minds. Do not despair. It’s time to ask Scotty to beam you up and start your new room-makeover adventure with these top kids’ space bedroom ideas.

A space wall mural to set the scene

Painted walls are all very well and you could even have a go at painting your own space wall mural. However, not all of us are talented artists nor have the time to tackle with brushes and paint. The simple answer? A space wall mural.

There’s such a fantastic range of space wallpapers that are totally out of this world (get it?) From luminous moon skies, rockets blasting into space, and flouting astronauts set against star-studded skies, there’s sure to be a space wall mural to transport your child to another galaxy.’s wall murals come in a choice of finishings and some are even self-adhesive. This means you don’t need paste to install them. Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto the wall. The beauty of these peel and stick wallpapers is that they can be removed without causing damage to the wall. So, once your child has out-grown their space mural, you can remove it with ease. 

Outer space storage

Whatever the theme of your child’s bedroom, good storage is a must. Efficient storage is also crucial when trying to sell your home to not put off potential buyers. Toy explosions scattered across the home are a major turn-off.

Yet, instead of opting for boring plastic boxes, get outer space storage! You can buy rocket ship bookshelves, galaxy toy trunks and colourful astronaut box shelves. Not only will these storage units add to the theme of your kids’ space bedroom, but will hopefully encourage your child to tidy up after themselves (at least a little bit more than usual)! Surely, having a rocket shelf unit will make them tidy their things away. You could even play a game and set them off on a mission to tidy their toys away in under one minute before the rocket ship blasts off into outer space!

Galactic space bed covers and curtains

Search online or in local stores to find some really fun and imaginative duvet covers and curtains. There are educational planet designs, blasting rockets and even bed covers that are created in such a way that your child looks like they are a real-life astronaut when they are led in bed! By simply adding decorative space curtains and bed covers, you can transform their bedroom into a space dedicated to space!

Ceiling accessories

To really get your child’s imagination shooting across the galaxy, install space accessories onto their ceiling.

Glow-in-the-dark stars are a really simple idea but have a great impact on the feel of a room. They are especially beneficial if your child becomes nervous at night time. The luminous stars will add a subtle glow of light into their room at night which will reassure them and help them drift off to dreamland. 

If you’d like to go that little bit further, you can even buy 3D planets to hang on their ceiling. Or, if you and your child love to spend time doing craft activities together, why not make your own planets? By using blown-up balloons, paper mache, and paint, you can create your own planets in no time. Imagine how proud your child will be when they can admire their own craftwork on their bedroom ceiling every day.


Whether you opt for all these kids’ space bedroom ideas or just one, we’re sure your child will be blown away at their new bedroom. They’ll be pretending to be a rocket, zooming around their bedroom in no time!

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  1. How cool! This would be such a neat bedroom for a kid. Heck, even as an adult I’d like it. Space rocks.

  2. I super love these bedroom ideas, GORGEOUS! My boys would love a room like these ones especially the one with space background, wow….

  3. that room is absolutely stunning!! It is a lot different than the stick on glow stars that I had when i was a kid!

  4. I love the theme of space. Futuristic. Fun and educational environment for your child. Loved your article!!!!!

  5. That is really cool! If I had young boys still I would do this theme for sure. We did a camping theme and before that a train theme back in the early 90’s.

  6. I know I have seen lots of stars and such for space bedrooms. But I have to admit I really do love the look of the mural there. So beautiful and I would have loved it.

  7. What great ideas to have a space-themed bedroom! I bet you that kids will love these ideas!

  8. So awesome! Bedrooms have come such a long way since we were young. I remember my old room and it was not NEARLY as cool as this. Fabulous idea!

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