Reasons Why You Should Let Your Kid Decorate their Room

Moving into a new home or only redecorating is the time of significant changes. A new environment has so many great benefits, so making a substantial change from time to time is a great idea. However, it would be best if you didn’t forget that these changes happen to all the members of your family – especially kids. Sometimes, they cannot fully understand what is happening, and accepting these changes can be difficult. For that reason, creating their own space is a chance to let them be involved and accept the new house. Let’s see all the reasons why you should let your kid decorate their room and enjoy the process together. 

Growing up and learning about responsibilities 

Creating their own space is very beneficial for children. Not only will they get their new room, but they will also obtain psychological space. The feeling of creating your own space and decorating it just the way they want it will teach them more about ownership, boost their self-esteem, but also introduce them to responsibilities. As children are often not aware of the consequences of their actions, choosing the way their room will look for a longer time will help them comprehend that. 

Creativity boost

Letting your loved ones decorate their room also means allowing their creativity to grow. Choosing colors, designs, implementing ideas, and making them come true is a huge creativity boost. Also, unleashing their creativity will help you understand your kids’ character better, and you may be surprised by some of their big and interesting ideas. 

When you let your kid decorate their room, you let them express their creativity.

Being involved in the moving process

It’s not unusual that children find it hard to move into a new house. These huge changes can negatively affect kids’ mood and attitude towards the new home. However, if you let your kid decorate their room, you will also allow them to be involved in the process of moving into the new house. Making these decisions together will introduce your family into this new life chapter and help your kids better accept the change of environment. If your child struggles with moving to another home, be sure to include them in some other moving activities. For example, you can let them help you unpack, declutter their items, etc. All of these tasks will be the signs of change and a way to accept the transition. 

Get to know your child better 

Parents know their children best. However, every new stage in life brings changes in personality and interests, which is why many parents are often confused about it. That’s where decorating can help you out. You can learn more about your child’s imagination, interests and ideas by letting them decorate their room. Furthermore, letting them pick the design, color theme, or favorite characters can also be a sign of some inappropriate behavior. Check if the child is expressing age-appropriate ideas and if there’s anything unusual about it. Sometimes, things they express through creativity can depict an inner problem or a difficulty they are experiencing. 

The times of changes will enable you to get to know your kid even better.

Long-term decision making 

As decorating your room is not something you can do every day, your kid will learn more about long-term decision-making. It can help them with similar situations in the future. They will know that the consequences of their actions sometimes cannot be changed in a moment. This way, they will not have difficulties making decisions later in life, especially in important moments. 

The feeling of independence 

Creating your own space for the first time is one of those things that help you grow. It’s like going to the zoo for the first time, the first day at school, or a first bike. It’s when kids let the parent’s hand go and become more independent. Independence is a crucial part of every personality and should be nurtured from day one. If you let your kid decorate their room the way they like it, you teach them how to be independent and acknowledge their preferences and ideas. 

Give them control but also help them out 

This process of decorating your children’s room should be a perfect mix of their ideas and your help. Try to respect their ideas as much as possible, but setting a limit in case of some outrageous propositions. Here are some tips you can follow when decorating your kid’s room and helping them create a space they will love:

  • include some storage – even though it’s a place where they play and have fun, it shouldn’t be messy. Storage space such as shelves and boxes are a great way to keep the room organized and clutter-free;
  • have an artsy nook – make a space dedicated to arts and crafts. You can paint a piece of wall with chalkboard paint, get some chairs and desks, and shelves for coloring books, pencils, and other supplies.
  • invest in quality pieces – if you want to have long-lasting furniture, be sure to invest in some high-quality pieces that will be useful for a longer period;
  • help with color choices – it’s okay for your child to pick a color theme; however, advise them where these colors should go. Teach them more about neutral and accent colors, and use them wisely to create a pleasant space they will surely enjoy.

It’s important to take your kid’s ideas into account but still follow some basic rules for decorating a children’s room. 

Trust the process

Decorating a room takes time, and kids might lose interest in the meantime. However, if you let your kid decorate their room but in a way that they make decisions from time to time, not all at once, you will keep the kid interested. This will teach them to trust the process and be patient with projects like this. Once they see the results, your children will appreciate them more and fall in love with their new room much faster!


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