A Parent’s Guide on How to Fly with Children

Many parents cringe at the thought of boarding and sitting in an airplane with their kids. While flying with kids is not always a fun time, there are some things you can do to make things easier, before and during the flight.

Book your flight first thing in the morning

When booking your flight, choose the earliest time in the morning to fly out. By doing so, you can avoid takeoff delays and early morning hours means a less crowded airplane.

Take advantage of early boarding

Early airplane boarding is designed for those traveling with small children or those who need extra assistance. By boarding before everyone else, it allows you extra time to get the kids situated and carry-on luggage stored in the overhead compartments.

Pack carry-on essentials

There are some things that your carry-on should not be without when you are flying with kids. Ziploc bags are perfect for holding dirty clothes. For messy faces and hands, be sure to have wipes with you. You will also need extra clothes and lots of diapers.

Pack each child their own plane bag

Give each child their own little backpack for the flight. Have each child pack things they want to bring on the airplane, like books, coloring books, crayons, favorite stuffed animal and favorite blanket.

Always bring a tablet or iPad

While some parents like to restrict the time their child plays on a tablet or iPad, this can be an exception. Before leaving home, add a ton of games, TV shows and movies that your kids like. The goal here is to keep them entertained for as long as possible. Oh, and don’t forget the child-size headphones so you won’t distract those sitting near you.

Load up on healthy snacks

A hungry child is a grumpy child, so be sure to pack plenty of snacks. Pack an array of snacks like Cheerios, granola bars, pretzels, grapes, string cheese and goldfish crackers.

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