Mason Jar Mania: How to Use Mason Jars for Storage in Every Room of the House

These days, DIY-ers have come up with countless ways to use the ever-popular Mason jar to store just about anything in any room of the home. Mason jars are must-haves for unique decor and storage. The jars are found in various sizes and can be inexpensively purchased in bulk at most grocery or general stores and the beauty is that you don’t have to put too much work into turning them into adorable storage solutions. If you’re looking for some creative or fun ways to use Mason jars for storage around your house, read on for a little motivation and inspiration.

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4 Tips for Making the Perfect Kids Room

The rules of design are a bit different when it comes to working with a child’s space. While designing for a room for an adult might allow you to prioritize comfort or style, designing for a child means prioritizing a growing personality. As such, you may want to follow the four tips below.
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Ready to Host: How to Make Your Home Inviting

Guest post contributed by Meghan Belnap

Party season is fast approaching, and you are anxious to hold special events for friends and family in your home. You just love the decorating, cooking, and baking that accompanies all the preparation but are disappointed that your home is lacking; it is just not very appealing or inviting.

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A few simple additions and/or touches is all that you’ll need to lure your guests in for a good time. You can get the look you want for this area by:

Adding Color

If a room is very bland, a fresh pop of a bright or contrasting color may be all that is needed to bring this area alive. Add this color in art, assorted pillows, throws, candles, ceramic pieces, books, rugs, or even in the wall paint and trim.
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