5 Ways to Elevate Your Living Room with Understated Luxury

Everyone wants their living room to look cozy, welcoming, and comfortable. While some prefer a rustic feel, others like a more high-end ambiance that reflects their personal style. If you want to upgrade your living room and add a sense of luxury with minimal effort, here are five décor tips to help you out.

Make space for a fine leather sofa

Leather upholstery is synonymous with elegance and luxury. A good leather sofa is a timeless classic that has withstood the test of time while trends and fads have come and gone. It is the ultimate statement piece that can upgrade any living room. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the store to shop for fine furniture. You can easily check some leather lounges and suites stores online and order whatever matches your tastes. Invest in a handcrafted Chesterfield sofa made with high-quality, luxurious materials to add a touch of understated luxury to your lounge without much ado. To find a genuine Chesterfield sofa that will last you a lifetime, here’s how you can tell if it is high quality and is worth spending your money on.

If you’re not a fan of leather and want a contemporary Chesterfield that will blend with your sophisticated décor, choose a Chesterfield in fine wool, linen, or velvet. To get actual value for your buck, avoid falling for cheap imitations. Buy an authentic Chesterfield made by seasoned craftspersons using top-quality wood and upholstery.

Add glamour with statement pieces

A bespoke chandelier, lounge chairs in premium fabric, a designer coffee table, or a large vase—statement pieces are great focal points and conversation starters. When choosing which items in your living rooms to replace with attractive new buys, pick pieces you won’t mind doing away with and are worthy candidates for a luxe replacement. For instance, a boring ceiling light fixture can be replaced with a designer chandelier for an instant uplift. The dining table can be replaced with a marble top or decorated with a fine centerpiece.

When buying new décor for your living room, remember that expensive, high-quality furniture and décor look the part, which is why they cost more.

Buy a nice area rug

While wooden flooring looks great, covering up some of the living room space with a fine rug in an interesting pattern will not only enliven the space, but will also instantly make it feel more luxurious. A good rug gives a room texture and color and makes the space more pleasant. Moreover, unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, a carpet can be replaced or moved when bored and is much easier to clean.

When choosing an area rug, shortlist hues that will complement the principal elements and not make the room look smaller. And you need not play safe when choosing color combinations—buy a vibrant-colored rug that you like and balance it by choosing calmer colors for the couch, wall paint, and accessories. Lastly, avoid buying a cheap, slippery rug that could be an eyesore in a pleasing, luxe space.

Create an artistic vibe

Nothing works like good art when it comes to upgrading your lounge décor. Artful interiors convey an elegant and affluent feel and can instantly add value to any space. The best thing about using art to uplift your interiors is that you need not break the bank to buy expensive pieces. Simply dig into your photo folder and get a few stunning photos printed in large size. Have the pictures framed in antique gold- or silver-toned frames, and you’ll have affordable wall art for your new living room. You can do the same with artwork created by a family member or create a large abstract painting yourself.

Artistic pieces, whether a sculpture, painting, or heirloom throw, lend character to space and are great focal points in a simple living space. If you’re a minimalist, adding interesting artwork to your lounge is an unobtrusive way to create a sense of luxury.

Add drama with lighting

While lighting is frequently ignored when upgrading a living room, it’s the one element that can elevate even plainly done interiors. Strategic lighting can add drama, definition, and style to your interiors and bring attention to the finer details. Use concealed lighting to add a warm glow and a big floor lamp to light up a corner. Use mirrors to create an illusion of space. A wall mirror opposite a window will reflect light and softly illuminate the area. Install dimmer switches to create mood lighting that you can use to create varying effects depending on your mood and plans for the evening.


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