Where to Find Best-Fit Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

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Deciding to use false eyelashes to enhance your natural ones is a great idea. They work more effectively than mascara to create a more textured, voluminous look. However, not all false eyelashes are the same, coming in different styles, shapes, and materials. You will need to do some experimenting or get advice from someone with enough knowledge and experience.

Like choosing a hairstyle to suit your face, you need to choose lashes that flatter your eye shape. Your choice also depends on the look you want to achieve with false eyelashes. Unfortunately, what you want and what suits you best might not always be the same. Here is where to find eyelashes for your eye shape:

Determine your eye shape

Your eye shape determines which lash products, lengths, and volumes will work best for you. Brands like Lilac St., Vavalash, Eylure, and Trish McEvoy have wide product ranges, with the best eyelashes for your eye shape included. Lilac St. lashes are extensions that are easy to apply and can be used in combinations to create a compelling look. They come in various styles, including natural, feathery, and spikey. Using these extensions gives you the freedom to experiment with different types and lengths, creating a distinctive look that suits your eye shape.

Before you start shopping, determine your eye shape. Most people have almond eyes, slightly pointed at each end with the upper and lower curves of the iris hidden by the lids. Another common eye shape is round, where you can see most or all of the iris’s top and bottom curves. Hooded eyes have a crease with a prominent brow bone, and the eyelid is not visible. Upturned eyes are where the outer eye’s corner is higher than its inner counterpart. Downturned eyes are the opposite. Deep-set eyes sit under the brow bone.

Considerations for choosing false eyelashes

In addition to their eye shape, false eyelash users should consider their eyelid crease. Most people have a single crease in their eyelids. Sometimes, this crease causes the upper eyelid to hang over the lower, known as a hooded eye. This protrusion can be so prominent that it covers the lash line of the lower part of the eyelid. Monolid eyes are common among Asian women. This occurs when there is no crease in an eyelid. The lid is somewhat flatter and might hang over the lash line.

Understanding your eye shape and your eyelid’s geography is essential for choosing ideal lash products that will provide a flattering look. Studying your eyes can be challenging as you overlook things because you see them every day. It is advisable to ask someone for help. You can even use mannequins to help you practice eyelash extensions.

Lashes or extensions

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Applying false eyelash strips can be a challenging task at first. After a bit of practice, you should get better at it. However, be patient with yourself as several attempts might be necessary before you get it right. The hardest part is getting a strip of lashes to stick to your lash line without any wobbles or waves. The next obstacle is using sufficient adhesive. Too much glue will give you noticeable clumps. Too little glue will see your lashes peeling or falling out when you least expect or need it.

Lash extensions might be easier to use as they do not come in a single strip. Instead, you apply several sets to your eyelid. This is a finicky job, but most users would agree that it is easier than trying to fit a lash strip.

Shop in-store

Many people insist on seeing false eyelashes for themselves before buying them. After prolonged Covid restrictions, consider visiting a store to see the different lash types now that in-person shopping is becoming a reality.

Get advice from a shop assistant about which will work best for you. You can also ask for application tips and products that will make the process easier.

Shop online

The downside of shopping in physical stores is that they might not stock all available brands. Once you know what type of lashes work for you, start exploring other brands online.

The costs of false eyelashes vary from one brand to another. Typically, prices are set according to the materials used in product manufacture. Once you receive your delivery, you can apply your new lashes.


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