How to Get Your 15-Year-Old Prepared to Drive Confidently When They Turn 16

15-year-olds everywhere eagerly anticipate being able to get their driver’s license. However, it can make parents understandably nervous. You might know that driving is an essential skill for your teen to have, but you might still have qualms. With these tips, you can help develop your 15-year-old’s driving confidence.

Practice in Parking Lots

There’s no better place to get the hang of driving than an empty parking lot. You and your teen should find a weekend afternoon to find one. In these situations, they don’t have to worry about other drivers or changing lanes perfectly. Instead, your teen can gradually develop their skills. They can start with learning how to use the gas and brake pedals, then move onto steering, using their mirrors and more. When they head into actual traffic, they’ll be much better prepared.

Use Karts

You don’t need an actual car to learn how to drive, at least, not at first. Karts can be used by your teen to teach them how to navigate vehicles with ease. It can also teach them about defensive driving. Your teen can also learn how to keep up with the kart’s maintenance with the help of a stand, Streeter Super Stand. Doing so can help them get ready for the bigger responsibility of taking care of a car. Plus, the racing element is an added bonus when it comes to having fun.

Have Them Choose Routes

A strong driver is a confident one, and a confident driver knows where to go. When traveling with your teen, have them map out routes, whether they’re driving or not. They should be able to determine things like when to get off the interstate and which side streets to take. This will help them to become more alert, which is key to effective driving.

Play Driving Simulation Games

There’s no substitute for actually getting behind the wheel of a car, but driving simulation games come close. With these games, your teen can enjoy the thrill of driving without any real-world consequences. However, that doesn’t mean they should be driving recklessly. Instead, they should be treating it just as seriously as they would driving an actual car.

Your child might get their license at the age of 16, but that doesn’t mean they have to start learning then. Get them in the habit by no later than 15-years-old. If you show them that you are willing to help them every step of the way, they are going to be much more confident drivers. Then, you can be even prouder of yourself as a parent.

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