Ready to Host: How to Make Your Home Inviting

Guest post contributed by Meghan Belnap

Party season is fast approaching, and you are anxious to hold special events for friends and family in your home. You just love the decorating, cooking, and baking that accompanies all the preparation but are disappointed that your home is lacking; it is just not very appealing or inviting.

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A few simple additions and/or touches is all that you’ll need to lure your guests in for a good time. You can get the look you want for this area by:

Adding Color

If a room is very bland, a fresh pop of a bright or contrasting color may be all that is needed to bring this area alive. Add this color in art, assorted pillows, throws, candles, ceramic pieces, books, rugs, or even in the wall paint and trim.

Integrating Small Pieces of Furniture

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Make the general layout of a room more interesting by adding small but unique furniture pieces. A rustic footstool, bookshelf, curio cabinet, or side table next to a recliner will add much more appeal and interest to the overall look. Make some of these pieces work for you.

A sofa table can double as a small buffet table for snacks and appetizers. A small cart can hold an assortment of liquor bottles, wines, and elegant glassware.

Upgrading Existing Furniture

Take a hard look at the sofas and chairs in your home. If they seem dated, it may be possible to have some of the pieces re-upholstered. Wooden pieces such as coffee tables, bookshelves, or side tables can be re-stained or painted in fresh, modern tones.

Utilize other pieces of furniture from other parts of the house in this area. An antique sewing cabinet can take on new life as a perfect location for your stereo system. A classic bedroom dresser sans mirror can make a perfect buffet table.

Improving the Lighting

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This is one improvement that many individuals do not think about. Maybe the lighting in an area is too bright or too harsh. Maybe there just isn’t enough light. Whatever the case, adding lamps or even candles can be a great first step toward creating an inviting atmosphere. And remember, any upgrades you make to your home will pay for itself if you should ever decide to sell.

A realtor like Re/Max of Boulder, Inc. or any other agent near you can assist in deciding on exactly which improvements to make. Changing out your lighting is one of the least expensive upgrades you can undertake.

Integrating one or more of the above steps will have your house well on its way to becoming a favorite hang-out place. Picture all of the birthdays and holiday events that can be held in your newly upgraded home.

Your friends and family will truly enjoy all of your special efforts and touches to your unique and inviting space.

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