4 Tips for Making the Perfect Kids Room

The rules of design are a bit different when it comes to working with a child’s space. While designing for a room for an adult might allow you to prioritize comfort or style, designing for a child means prioritizing a growing personality. As such, you may want to follow the four tips below.

Pay Attention to Personality

Always remember to keep your child’s interests in mind when decorating his or her room. Personalization is a key component of a good child’s room and can make your boy or girl feel much more at home. The best personalization touches are those that evoke a particular interest rather than those that are more immediately representative. This gives your child a bit of room to grow without having to completely redecorate his or her room.

Pick a Centerpiece

When it comes to making a great kids’ room, less is often more. As such, it’s important to focus on a single piece of furniture as the centerpiece of the entire room. This piece should be functional and should catch the eye, and every other piece of furniture in the room should be built around it. The better the central piece, the more options you will have when it comes to decorating the room.

Go Multi-Purpose

Another good thing to keep in mind when designing for a child is that there’s often limited space. As such, pieces that can fulfill more than one purpose are ideal. Bunkbeds that have built-in shelving or dressers that can double as a chalkboard are often useful for making the most of what you have available. When possible, try to find modular furniture that can change its function over time.

Maximize Play Space

Finally, try to remember that play space is the most important thing in any child’s room. This is his or her sanctuary and place to play, so don’t crowd it with too much. While solid furniture choices can make a huge difference here, so too can restraint. Don’t pick something that you think would be charming or cute if it makes your child’s room too crowded—he or she will certainly appreciate the floor-space more than anything else.

Always keep your child’s particular personality in mind when designing a room. Make sure that the space respects his or her developmental level as well as his or her tastes.

Personalizing the room with a customized neon light or wall decals with their name can add an extra special finishing touch. With a little bit of hard work, you can transform any room into a wonderful haven for your child.

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