How to Make Your Yard Safe for Your Kids | Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

You will need to make some changes to your yard well before your first child starts crawling. Even if your yard seems to be relatively safe, there could be hidden dangers around every corner. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make your yard as safe and secure as possible.

Enclose the Area

The first step in this process is erecting a fence around your yard if you don’t already have one. Without a chain link fence, your children will be able to easily wander off as soon as you look the other way. Building a fence is a relatively simple project as long as you have the right tools and a little bit of spare time. If you don’t have the tools or expertise, then you should consider hiring a contracting company that specializes in outdoor structures.

Skip the Chemical Fertilizers and Pest Control Products

Many people don’t realize just how dangerous fertilizers, weed killers, and pest control products can be. When exposed to those products, you might experience a wide variety of side effects ranging from mild skin irritation to organ failure. Instead of using toxic fertilizer, you should try making your own compost with food scraps. You can also keep most pests off your property with natural ingredients like cayenne pepper and peppermint oil.

Remove Poisonous Plants

There could be dozens of deadly plants in your yard without you even realizing it. Some of the plants that you need to keep an eye out for include rhododendrons, hydrangeas, foxgloves, and oleanders. If you aren’t able to identify a plant, then you should bring a small piece of it to a nearby landscaping company or plant nursery. Those companies usually hire experts who can identify local plants. In addition, sometimes poisonous plants trail up old stumps and trees. You may have to remove them for safety reasons. If so, do a quick search for “stump removal in Melbourne“, (or amend this search to an area more relevant for you) in order to find a professional to handle the job.

Lock up Your Lawn Equipment

If you do your own yard work, then you most likely have a wide array of sharp tools. Everything from your pruning sheers to your lawnmower should be locked away in a shed or cabinet. When your child is old enough to help you with the yard work, you will need to show them how to safely use all of those tools. A single mistake with a sharp yard tool could result in a deep laceration or other serious injuries.

Even after making all of these changes, you should still keep a close eye on your kids whenever they are out in the yard. Children are naturally curious, and they can hurt themselves in the blink of an eye if they aren’t properly supervised.

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