A Guide About Bathroom Vanities

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When one is designing a new space that is none other than a very private corner of the bathroom, one should ascertain it’s equally functional. To ensure a killer combination of functionality and beauty, one must be aware of the different types of bathroom vanities.

It is important to get the apt bathroom vanity for the available space as this allows adequate storage and helps to maintain the look that one wants to have, which may be traditional or modern. A bathroom is a room in our home and one must keep in mind that the bathroom vanity must be utilitarian in nature too. The rightful vanity design needs meticulous and aesthetic planning. One has to choose the layout, the suitable sink as well as the countertop. Most importantly, ahead of deciding the color, finish, and fixtures, one has to consider the layout to decide where exactly the vanity is to be placed and the size of it.

Different Types of Bathroom Vanities and Utility Served:

When we talk about bathroom vanities, there are quite a few options in our bathrooms. Below are examples of different kinds of bathroom vanities. The sink couples itself with the storage options and gives today’s bathrooms the perfect fit.

  • When we say ‘sink’,  the first thing worth mentioning is the Pedestal Sink. This is also known as the free-standing sink. Free-standing vanities are a combination of vanity and the most essential sink in its pedestal form. This offers a combination of the utility of space as well as usage. The age-old pedestal sink did not offer space for the most used items in the bathroom and the free-standing vanity is a sure winner in comparison to today’s age.
  • Wall-mounted sinks are great in terms of saving space and look good too. In fact, some semi-pedestal sinks are available with shrouds that cover the plumbing the full way up to the wall.
  • The Drop-in Sink or the self-rimming sink nicely fits in the hole cut in the countertop. The rim is attached to the countertop with a waterproof seal.
  • Many prefer the undermount sink which remains attached to the counter from underneath. It is important that the edges of the counter must be well-finished instead of being rough cut.
  • Vessel sinks sit at the vanity and remain exposed on all four sides. These are available in a large variety of materials like marble, glass, cast bronze, or the most common materials like fireclay. These do not possess any faucet holes. So the fixtures of this type of bathroom vanity must be mounted on the counter or the wall. Vessel sinks do not have overflow holes so it is advisable to install a grid drain instead of a stopper drain, especially if there are children in the house who can forget to turn it off. Console Sinks share some common features of the pedestal and wall-mount sinks. These have a limited amount of storage and do not sit on cabinets. In case they are freestanding, they will be supported by four legs and if mounted to the wall are supported by two or four legs.
  • Speaking of vanity cabinets, these are extremely space-saving, and depending on one’s choice one can opt from a variety
  • Talking of designs, its design must complement the space as well as serve the storage needs of the individual or family. This kind of storage cum utility unit is slowly gaining popularity because of its convenience.
  • The master bathrooms can afford shaped vanities. These do not maximize space but do provide generous length and armroom.
  • Fixtures play a major role in styling the bathroom. The faucet, mirror, and lighting enhance the cabinet finishes and layouts. There are ample options to choose from when one decides on the fixtures for example chrome, stainless steel, nickel, etc.


Vanity Designs and Materials

Keeping in mind the look and the resources in hand along with the cost factor one can opt for the rustic, mission, cottage, or modern look while choosing the design and the materials for the bathroom vanities. It is noteworthy that the choice of the right bathroom vanity will breathe a new life into a very intimate and personal space in your home.


You can make proper use of your bathroom space by throwing in some classy or quirky bathroom vanities of your choice. You are required to do a thorough analysis of the vacant space and take appropriate measurements before adding these calmingly beautiful accents in there.

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