5 Important Tips for New Homeowners

Finally, you are a new homeowner, and you can’t hide the happiness on your face. You have achieved your dream and made one of the most significant financial investments a person can ever make. Buying your house is just the beginning as there are many other essential factors you need to consider. Some of these should be done before and after moving into your new house.

Home Inspection

Before finalizing the deal or the transaction of buying your new house, it is advisable to perform a home inspection. A home inspection is essential as it will be used as a contingency in the agreement you sign. Of course, you need to hire an inspector to help find out more about the property you intend to buy.

If you are located in Northern California, hiring a professional home inspection in Fresno will significantly benefit you as they will check any minor or major problems of the house you desire. They can uncover any life-threatening problems by checking the interior and exterior parts of the home. Once they are done, they will present you with a report of their findings.

Change Locks Before Moving in

One of the most important things people forget is changing the locks of the new home they purchase. Your realtor or the person who once lived there has the keys; the last thing you want is someone intruding on your space. Some also pass keys to their relatives or friends, and many copies might be out there.

Remember, you must protect your assets, home, and, most importantly, your family. Make sure you hire the best locksmith who will provide the best door locks to increase security and help you have peace of mind.

Do Some Painting

Apart from just packing and moving into your new home, you need to do some painting. Painting your home not only beautifies it but also keeps it healthy and protects the walls. You might be tone between painting your house after or before moving in. Professional painters always recommend painting your house before moving in.

There are many benefits of painting your home before moving in, and some of these are;

  • Less messy- When you paint your house empty, it will be less messy. You will not encounter scenarios like paint on your valuable items or spills all over.
  • Quick-Just by the look of things, painting an empty house is faster. You do not have to move furniture, utensils, or clothes. It takes little time compared to painting an already occupied house.
  • Breathe fresh Air-Painting your home before you move in is more convenient. You do not have to smell and breathe in the paint fumes. Make sure you hire painters and schedule them to paint your home within a given time frame before moving in.

You will get more other benefits when you paint your home before moving in, and all these will enhance the mood of your home.

Know Your Neighbors

You have moved into a new area, and adjusting can be difficult initially. Knowing your neighbors can help you navigate every day. Be a conversation starter by first greeting your neighbors, asking for a reliable handyman, and many more. Once you develop a good rapport with your neighbors, you will have peace of mind living around them.

The last thing you want to do is live around strangers and people you can’t trust. You never know when you will require help from one of your neighbors, so developing friendships once you move in is essential.

Change Air Filters

The air that circulates in your home should be of quality as it is what you and your family breathe in. Once you move in, check the air filter to ensure it’s clean. If it’s dirty, you will have to replace it and the ductwork. Replacing them will see your HVAC works efficiently throughout, thus protecting your entire family.

On the other hand, if it’s clean, you can still consider replacing it with a new one that you are sure is good at filtering allergens and pollutants. Even if the house is new and is just costumed built for you, it’s still essential to check the air filters. Clean air filters will see your HVAC running smoothly, lower your utility bills and improve safety for you and your loved ones.


Becoming a homeowner is all exciting and comes with all different emotions. It can also be overwhelming as you have to fix many things altogether. As a first-time new homeowner, follow the five tips to enjoy and make lasting memories in your home.

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