4 Tips for Finding a New Kid-Friendly City for Your Family

Looking for a new home for your family is an exciting time. As you search for the best city for new opportunities, you’re likely wondering how to decide if a town is right for your kids. Read on for four tips to choose a new kid-friendly city.

Ask about the Neighborhoods


Kid-friendly cities have neighborhoods single family homes that are tailor-made for children. Consider the neighborhoods in each city you’re researching. Are there quiet streets? Any parks and playgrounds for children and families to play? Are the homes within close proximity to shopping plazas and schools?

Each parent will have their own preferences when asking and answering their questions. As you look through each city, think about which type of neighborhood your child will be better off with.

Review Crime Rates Online


As you continue to assess the quality of specific neighborhoods, don’t forget to review the crime rates. Go online and look for “crime statistics” and the name of the neighborhood you are considering. This should show you the most relevant information about crime in that city and, specifically, the neighborhood in question. Keep in mind that larger cities tend to have more detailed crime information while smaller towns likely have general statistics.

Speak with the Local Police


In addition to reviewing reports online, be sure to contact the local police. Each police department in the cities you are considering will be able to provide you with even more information on safety and crime. Most police stations can also give you key information on their crime prevention programs, as well as their efforts in community policing and keeping children safe.

Drive around the Area


Once you’ve decided to visit a location for further research, it’s time to scout out the area. Drive around your potential future home and pay attention to what you see. Evidence of vandalism or other unsavory behavior is a strong indication that you should pick a different location.

In addition to driving around, take a walk through the area. Spend as much time in the neighborhood to assess whether or not it’s the right pick for your family. If possible, check the neighborhood out at different hours of the day so you get to see what really goes on in the area.


Children need a positive environment where they can play and grow. Use these four tips during your home hunt to point you to the best city for your family.

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