Beating the Heat: How to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is coming, and things are beginning to heat up around here. As the temperatures outside and inside your home pick up, you’re going to need to take on a few new projects to keep your family cool. These four home improvement tips should do the trick.

Give Your AC a Tune-Up

If you could only do one thing on the list this summer, fixing your air conditioner or giving it some TLC should be it. Your HVAC system needs periodic maintenance to keep it operating at its best. Over time, screws can begin to work loose, causing additional vibrations which can cause damage to delicate parts. This causes motors to wear out faster and can lead to a breakdown at the worst possible time. Call in your local HVAC specialists to give your system an overhaul before the temperatures reach their peak.

Add Tint to Your Windows

Adding a layer of tinted film to the interior of your windows can also help bring down the temperatures in your home while also diffusing harsh sunlight. This is a fairly easy job that won’t break your budget, but the film needs to be applied very carefully to avoid air bubbles from forming.

Replace Weatherstripping on Windows and Exterior Doors

That strip of rubber that lines the edge of your window and your front door is called weatherstripping. Its purpose is to seal the openings and prevent the cold air in your home from escaping and to keep the hot air out. But over time your weatherstripping hardens and forms cracks that allow air to leak through. Rip out that old stripping and replace it, being careful to fully seal the entire perimeter of your windows and exterior doors.

Install a Ceiling Fan in the Patio

Even in the hottest climates, some folks still enjoy spending a little time outside, lounging around on the front porch or back patio and sipping some iced tea in the evening or early morning. One way to make your patio a little more inviting during the summer is to install a ceiling fan to move that warm air around.

Summertime is just around the corner, and temperatures are rising. Get busy now to get your home ready for the heat. Keeping cool this summer will be a lot easier when you keep your air conditioner in good shape, add some tint to those windows, replace your weatherstripping and even put in a ceiling fan on the porch.

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