The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants

Plants inside the house are absolutely essential. They add some color in the green leaves and a bit of life in an area that would ordinarily be drab. They also improve your mood and keep the air clean and oxygen rich. Every house should have some plants in it somewhere.

Most plants are very easy to take care of, but you do still need to know a bit about what you’re doing. You have to choose your plants wisely to make sure that they get what they need when inside your house. Otherwise you will have a tough time taking care of them and that is the opposite of what you were looking for when you bought them. 

In this article, I will go over several of the things that you need to be aware of to best take care of your indoor plants. 

1. Get the right planters

The containers for your plants shouldn’t be picked simply because you like the style. That is important, of course, but you also need the right planter for the type of plant that it is. 

Some plants don’t mind having a small area for their roots and are just fine with any size planter. Others need room to spread out and require a big and deep planter to ensure the roots don’t get cramped. Luckily, there are all kinds of planters that will satisfy the size requirement of the type of plant while also being very stylish. You can see some examples at PureModern

You can get planters for just about every type of plant so make sure you understand the requirements. There are even planters that allow you to have a small tree in your house that can be moved outside in the summer. This is how some people are able to have dwarf lemon trees or even kumquats. 

2. Pay attention to the light

Where you put the plants is going to have a direct bearing on how well they thrive. There are areas of your house that gets more sunlight than others so make sure you understand how the light flows through your house all day.

Different plants have different light requirements so it’s not possible to tell you where to put them. A general rule of thumb, though, is that plants with lots of foliage need up to eight hours of light per day. While things like succulents need more.

3. Don’t overwater

Indoor plants in pots pose a challenge to water. Many people assume they have to water every day since there isn’t much soil there. The reality is that pots don’t always drain water that well and roots can often get waterlogged.

Try to not water too often so look for signs that the plants don’t like the watering schedule. If you see yellowing of the leaves then this is usually a sign of too much water. When the leaves are droopy and there are brown spots then you are not watering enough. 

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