Ways to Get More Space Without Moving

We often find ourselves lacking space in our living environment. No matter the size of our house, there is always a need for having more optimized living conditions. Therefore, at some point, we might consider reorganizing and repurposing rooms in our home, especially when it comes to growing families. Finding ways to get more space without moving house is crucial if you feel your home no longer meets your needs. It might take some time and money investments, but the results will be worth it.

Plan the adjustments and redesign in advance

Everything is possible with a bit of time, money, and creativity. Think of it like moving into your new house. What would you do differently this time? What are the things that are bothering you in your home? Whether the answer is simple like the wall colors or more complicated like drywall between your living room and your kitchen, all can be easily fixed. Think of this optimization project as a fresh start where you can have everything you ever wanted. It’s imperative that spending time in your home feels right for you. Therefore, make a plan of what needs to be changed in each room, and put everything on paper. That way, you can prioritize where to start and determine the budget for your project.

Emptying your home is a good way to start

By emptying your home, we don’t mean you have to get rid of your stuff. Just find ways to clear as much space as possible before you start maximizing the use of space. The first step would be re-evaluating the significance and practicality of your furniture. What are the bulky things in your home that might not be the best solution when it comes to good use of space? What piece of furniture can you live without? It’s time for some changes. Even though changes can be scary, getting rid of unnecessary things in our life can be refreshing and even liberating.

And if you’re having a hard time letting go, there are always ways to keep your stuff and maybe even give them another chance in the future. There are many companies that provide storage services where you can keep the extra stuff. However, when renting storage space, make sure to get a climate-controlled unit because mold is something you want to avoid having around your things. Pick what is indispensable and what needs to go or be replaced with more practical pieces in your home. You can always sell some stuff and invest that money in new necessary changes.

Utilize small and neglected spaces

Basements, attics, garages, under-stairs storage, and even closets are often neglected when it comes to smart use of space. We collect a bunch of unnecessary things that we haven’t used in years. It’s time to finally do some cleaning and repurposing. Getting rid of things in the attic and applying some small fixes and repairs on your own can turn the area into an extra room. It is an amazing space for children’s rooms, a home office, or even a library.

The same refers to basements and garages. However, it will take more than DIY engagements to make the basement functional. Often you might encounter mold problems, or the area overheats during summers and gets much colder during winters. But, attics and basements are great property investments, and financing their renovation is smart if you’re looking for ways to get more space without moving house.

Resourcefulness is a way to get more space without moving house

All the rooms in your home should serve their purpose and yet be evenly used. If your house has a guest room, and you’re dealing with the lack of space, think of turning it into something more useful. Your guests won’t mind sleeping on the pull-out sofa in the living room if necessary. When it comes to sofas, they should be useful and comfortable, not just pretty looking.

Like rooms, all the furniture should be practical. Think about replacing bulky things with more useful pieces, especially if utilizing small spaces in your home. Also, checking out some online interior design ideas for limited space apartments might help. A lot of modern-day studio apartments are all-in-one living spaces, with some smart space-saving layouts. 

The same thing can apply if your kids have separate rooms. They can share the room, especially if the age difference is not significant. There are some fantastic ideas for kids’ bedrooms to make it a fun sleeping and playing area.

Potential use of wall space

Now, we all know how important wall shelves are for storing our books and less heavy stuff, not to mention the practicality of floor shelves. Both are a necessary part of any household, and they can be quite decorative as well. However, when it comes to ways to get more space without moving house, you might want to think about building recessed shelves and closets. This will mainly depend on your wall possibility, but it’s always a great option when it comes to getting things out of the way.

Any additional space matters

Thinking of options to maximize the use of space in our homes, we often forget about the possibilities our backyard, garage, or porch can offer. By organizing your outdoor living space, you will not only have extra room but also make a great hang-out area for your family. Your backyard doesn’t have to be just a place for swing sets and a garden. It can also be an extension of the house. Whether it comes to building a romantic hut or adding cute storage shed, organizing your backyard can be fun and tastefully designed.

There are dozens of ways to get more space without moving house. Still, the necessary changes you will have to apply will depend on a couple of factors. The most important ones are the budget and time limitations, the size of your home, and whether you’re planning to do upgrades by yourself or not. If prepared properly, maximizing the use of space can be a life-changer. You can make it a family project or hire an expert to help you out. Either way, don’t forget to have fun while doing it.

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