How to Choose Your Accommodation in Bali If You Are a Digital Nomad

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The life of a digital nomad is full of pleasant experiences and exciting opportunities. This way of living comes with a lot of flexibility in your schedule, as well as how and where you decide to live. So, as you experience the freedom to do anything you want, why not choose a tropical paradise to work from? 

Are you still thinking about where to spend the next period of time working as a digital nomad? If you haven’t been to Bali yet, you need to try this vibrant paradise with lush jungles and stunning beaches. Not sure how to start the accommodation research for Bali? Keep reading this article to discover some of the key factors you need to consider.

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Accommodation in Bali

For many years, Bali has become a popular Hubspot for remote workers. As you start looking for accommodation alternatives when deciding to spend a longer period in Bali, you will discover that there are plenty of options available. Discover these top 3 factors to help you make your decision easier.

1. Location

Bali is definitely a paradise, but not all its areas are suitable for digital nomads. For instance, to find a quiet villa that will offer you the necessary inspiration for your projects, search for “inspiring Bali villas” online. You will discover various impressive villas that will provide the relaxation and calmness that you need for work. Also, before making the final decision, you should check if there are any co-working spaces or cafes in the area. Through this, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with other remote workers with whom you might share the same interests and can start a collaboration.

2. Internet Connection

A stable and fast internet connection is essential if you want to start working remotely. Fortunately, Bali is recognized for its high-speed internet that is available in both private and public locations. 

If you want zero surprises when you start working from Bali, a good idea would be to ask the location whether it has fiber optic internet. In general, the majority of locations from Canggu or Seminyak have good internet connections. So, they can be a good starting point for your research.

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3. Workspace

While staying and working in Bali can be an incredible experience, you will still need to be productive and meet your projects’ deadlines. So, finding a location that has the proper set-up to organize your workspace is extremely helpful.

For instance, if you’re looking for a location in Canggu, a simple internet search for “villas in Canggu” will allow you to explore your destination online. Each villa description includes several photos that will show you the interior design. Therefore, it will become easier for you to choose a location that provides natural light, a comfortable chair, and a working desk. 

Don’t Stop Exploring Until You Find the Perfect Match

Bali is a popular destination for a digital nomad. However, choosing the right accommodation for you can make your “Bali dream” a make-or-break experience. Therefore, before you decide where to stay, you should carefully check your preferred locations considering various factors like community atmosphere, internet speed, and workspace availability. Even though the initial research might take some time to choose the type of location that serves your needs, it is worth the effort. Once you’ve discovered all there is to offer, I’m sure you will choose the accommodation that will transform your experience into one of the best you’ve ever had.

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