9 Signs You Need to Call a Furnace Repair Expert

Winter has already arrived and there really is no point in explaining that heating is a necessity or how important it is for your furnace to work when you need it most. Unfortunately, the more you use it the greater chance of malfunction. While you should make sure to schedule routine maintenance for your furnace at least twice a year, a lot of homeowners only call in the experts once something is wrong. And if you wait too long, that damage could well be beyond repair.

So how do you know when it’s the right time to call a furnace repair company? Here are some hints to help you notice things that might cause issues and repairs down the line:

Dirty filters

Dirty and clogged filters spark a lot of problems. Your heater might struggle to blow enough hot air to heat your room leading various other issues, even motor fan might get damaged as it tries harder to provide enough air. Extreme cases can even cause a fire.

Worn out parts

Regular maintenance and checking will make sure that all your parts like motors, filters, bearings, belts, fan blades, switches, pilot, and burners are all in order and ready for long hours of use.


Thermostat directly gives commands to your heater and lets you choose which temperature you want in your home. Even is the thermostat is not working your heater might still be in excellent condition, but that won’t matter much because you would not be able to select the desired temperature.

Problems with ignition

If you have a problem generating any amount heat then probably the pilot control or ignition had stopped working even if the rest of the heater is just fine. You can find a few types of ignition systems on the market like gas or electric powered. This issue is best resolved by a professional.

Awkward sounds

It is quite normal for heaters to produce a standard wrooming type of sound while it’s working, but if you notice noises like bangs, rattles or rumbles then something is probably wrong. It’s best to investigate immediately before a key component breaks down completely. These noises might be caused by some parts that have fallen off, or if some outer debris god sucked in somehow or even insects or critters who went inside the heater.

Strange working cycle

The normal working cycle of a heater is that it keeps working until it reaches the desired temperature. Then it pauses as long as this temperature is maintained, and goes back on again when needed. It is strange if your heater is working non-stop, no matter the temperature, then you know something is off and it’s probably the thermostat, fan motor or a dirty filter.

Not enough heating

If you keep noticing that your space just can’t get warm enough then there are various reasons that might cause that. Maybe your filters are dirty, maybe the heating system is just not fit power-wise to cover the space you want, or maybe the thermostat is broken. Another case might be that temperatures outside are just too extreme and one smaller furnace cannot satisfy your basic needs.

Poor standard maintenance

Many people passively choose to neglect this part. I am not using the heater right now so there is no reason for it to not work. But when the time comes and you need it most, it is exactly then problems start popping up. Maintenance includes regular inspection and replacing of broken parts, lubrication, cleaning, etc. If you do this regularly then you have very low chances of struggling to make it through cold winter nights.

Higher heating bill

So everything is ok and your heater is up and running but your monthly bill is much higher than usual. It is clear that your heater consumed a lot more energy than it should. That issue might be caused by all the reasons listed above. It is best to get help from a furnace repair expert since it might be quite difficult to pinpoint the exact problem here.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or call a professional to fix your heater for you, it is at least advisable to have the furnace checked by a professional at least once a year, ideally before the heating season.

To schedule furnace maintenance contact Hughes Air Heating & Cooling at
220 W 6th Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210, USA;

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  1. The part of your article that talked about heating system maintenance and how important it is to avoid problems with your heating unit was really helpful to read. We haven’t had many problems with our own unit throughout the winter, but only recently has it started shutting off by itself and I had wondered if anything went ignored with it. With that being said, I definitely think it’s time to find an HVAC contractor that can help me do some maintenance on it.

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