How to Make Your Windows Stand Out

Are you looking for ways to improve the appearance of your windows? There are many ways to which you can achieve drastic results and gain great looking windows.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to do so, plants are a great addition to window space. They are more commonly known now as plantsills or window gardens- a windowsill full of plants. It’s the perfect option for someone living in a flat or just for someone wanting to bring a piece of the outdoors inside.

Picking colors, wheatear it’s for blinds, curtains or your window frame is really important. Each color represents something different but if you’d like to stay on trend there are a lot of bold or pastel colors appearing.

If you want to get creative and maybe even start a building project you can create a flower box or window seat and by doing it yourself you’ll be saving money! Cozy window seats can provide a haven, a nice space to sit and enjoy your view. If your view isn’t particularly something you wish to gaze at, a window box is a beautiful distraction for the eye.

There are so many ways to personalize and be spontaneous with your windows; it really does depend on your style.

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