Creating a Kids Play Room on a Budget

If you have meant to set up a playroom for your kids, then you know how it can become an expensive project if you buy everything new. It might mean that you put off creating your new room because of the cost. However, there are ways that you can still have the kid’s playroom you want, but within your budget.


The first thing you will need to do is to decorate the room, some paints can be expensive, so you should do some shopping around. Make sure that you keep your eyes out for any special offers or sales at your local DIY store. It doesn’t matter when you buy the paint as it can be kept in the garage or the shed until you need it. If you want to add some designs to the walls, then you don’t need to spend money on fancy stencils. All you need is some plastic that you can cut out some shapes. Then, tape it to the wall and dab on a different color paint.


The floor of the kid’s playroom is important because you want something that will be easy to keep clean. Although carpet is good for warmth, it can also get dirty and worn after a while. Another alternative is to lay some play flooring that is made from foam rubber. It is easy to clean, and it will be safe should anyone fall over.


The furniture in the playroom will need to be functional and practical but also safe. You don’t need to buy new furniture for the room; you can reuse something from another room. All you need to do is paint it in some nice colors and perhaps change the handles, so it looks fun. Online furniture stores almost always have a Sale section you can check out. Another alternative is that you find used furniture from a charity shop or used furniture store. These pieces are often a lot cheaper than new furniture, and they can also be better made, especially if they are older pieces.


After the furniture is in, you will need to add some other accessories such as seats, perhaps a TV and of course, toys. You can also add other things such as a heater if the room gets cold. You can find the best infrared heater online as these are the best for this type of room. However, you should still ensure that the fire is safely placed in the room behind a barrier so that the kids cannot reach it. Some heaters can even be placed on the wall out of the child’s reach. Another accessory that can be a good addition to the playroom is a ceiling can for when the room gets too hot. You might also need to adjust the windows so that you can have them open without the kids getting out.

Even though you are working to a budget, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a great kid’s room for your children to play in.


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