Best Rooms of Your House To Place Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a wonderful option for several rooms in a house, even though some rooms may be more suitable than others. During the course of this article, we shall be shedding light on what rooms work wonderfully with vertical blinds.

You can also get a peek into vertical blinds UK residents get from Made To Measure Blinds UK by checking out the shop’s website. You’ll see they stock a range of fabrics, materials, and designs all made specifically to fit the shape and measurements of your window.

From highly used rooms such as bathrooms and kitchen spaces, you’ll see how practical this type of blind can be. As you gather inspiration, you’ll begin to gain more perspective on where you can place vertical blinds in your own home.

The Best Rooms For Vertical Blinds

Shopping for blinds can be confusing and time-consuming for something seemingly so simple. There are verticals, horizontals, perfect fits, pleated, panel, micro blinds and several more. When it comes to adding décor to your window, it’s your chance to make an impact.

You want to get it right so we are outlining some top ways for making the right statement with your vertical blinds.

Living Room

In the living room, you have the prime space to make a big impact. Why not consider opting with a bright shade for your blinds. This gives you a chance to stand out if you have natural coloured walls. If your furnishings and décor are a bit busier, you have a chance to tone it down on your vertical blinds.

If you’re going to choose to put them in your living space, fabric blinds go down tastefully and add warmth to the room. They are also easy to maintain so are a great long-term solution.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is somewhere you can really mix it up. You can let in just the right amount of light with vertical blinds to create a spacious atmosphere as you’re preparing your meals. It’s good to consider how the blinds will contrast with the rest of your kitchen.

So, put on your artistic, interior-designer eye before you pick anything! Pastel and rich shades also create a wonderfully warm effect that let the light pour through.

In Your Office

If you have a home office, it’s the perfect spot for vertical blinds. You get to add an element of timeless style to the room whilst keeping things super practical. Vertical blinds allow you to gain great control over the amount of light coming in. This way you can reduce annoying things such as computer glare or distractions from outside. It also protects your privacy if you are in a busy household or on a main high-street.

Now you have a few more ideas for where to place the vertical blinds you purchase, you’ll be able to get inspired.


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