Creating a Comfortable Space with Your Home Office

Having a dedicated space within your home to work, whether that’s in relation to your job or the everyday requirements that having a home and family bring, is always really beneficial. It’s much easier to say you’re going to get some work done than it is to actually do the work, with so many distractions and interruptions that you’ll find in other areas of the house, so dedicating one room as the home office is going to really help you get stuff done. It’s important to keep your home office comfortable whilst practical, as you still want to capture that homely, welcoming feel, and avoid feeling like you’re actually at work.

The Chair Matters

It’s the one part of the office that you’ll use every single day but often take for granted. If you don’t have a comfortable chair by your desk, you’ll find yourself struggling to concentrate, suffering from potential backache, and also avoiding even spending long periods of time there. Investing your money into a comfy chair will transform the way you work, providing you with comfort and support whilst you crack on with your tasks. It will also help to add to the overall look of the room, making it look warm and welcoming at the same time.

Plenty of Space

If you try to get work done in a room that feels cramped and overcrowded, then you’re fighting a losing battle. It’s next to impossible to concentrate when there’s stuff piled high around you, so it’s important to have a spacious, clean office to work in. Try to keep surfaces minimal, only placing a few items that are required for practicality on there, rather than cramming loads of unnecessary items that are just going to clutter up space. When it comes to the oak computer desk, try to avoid having too much going on. Whilst you need certain items such as a paper tray, pen pot, computer items, and so on, it’s not going to help if you have letters and books piled high around you, so try to keep this area spacious and clear too. Similarly, try to keep the floor space clear, as a spacious room can really help you to feel free and open in your thoughts.

Refreshment Spot

After a few hours of solid work, you may find yourself needing a little pick me up. Traveling down to the kitchen could result in you being dragged into helping someone, so it’s best to avoid leaving the office until you’ve finished the work you started. It’s a good idea to create a designated area that includes a few comfortable chairs and a coffee table to enjoy your break. Having a little refreshment spot in the room is perfect for providing you with plenty to keep your thirst quenched, without the potential distractions. In addition, you may want to stock a small fridge up with some bottled water, fizzy drinks, or whatever you like to drink through the day, and then you’re good to go!

Welcoming Touches

Introducing an area within the office for people to sit and drink their coffee, have a catch up with you, or simply keep you company for a while is really beneficial. By adding vertical blinds, a nice table, and some fancy cushions to add to the décor, you can create a much warmer, more welcoming feel within your office. It’s always a good idea to have an additional seating area, as you can have others in the office without having to worry about using a different room within the house.

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  1. I wish I could tell you that my home office is one of my favorite places, but it’s not. It just feels “blah” in there, maybe because it’s strictly work related. I have nice furnishings, but it’s not as cozy as I would like it to be. You’ve given me some good ideas here!

  2. I have never thought of adding a refreshment spot at my working space. And you are right…every time I have to travel to the kitchen to get myself some coffee, I get sidetracked. I’m going to follow your advice and put a refreshment spot so, I can get more work done. Thanks.

  3. These are some absolutely amazing tips for making a home office space easier to work in. I have to admit I just work from my sofa as sadly we don’t have room anywhere else.

  4. If that photo is of your office it is amazing! I wish I had room for an office but I think you tips are key! The chair matters more than I ever realized and having plenty of space and key touches is essential in making it comfortable and work ready!

  5. I have been working on my home office space lately. Just got a new desk, computer, and monitors. Now I need a new chair and I am good to go! I think it is important to have a cosy space that you love.

  6. Thanks for your tips! Having a comfortable space at home for work is a must if we want to work at home. Having a clean desk is important. And also motivational planner and nice pens. They gave me good vibes!

  7. I wish I had a home office like yours. It’s really beautiful and welcoming. I agree to have the comfortable chair where you can sit for long hours without worrying too much of having backache. I love your idea of Refreshment Spot and Welcoming Touches. They are really unique. Thanks for sharing them!

  8. I share a home office with my teen son who is home schooled. When we start arguing or start to be come unproductive just taking time to clear away the clutter helps tremendously. Empty the trash, refill the paper, even start the diffuser all helps to get us back on track.

  9. I have a cute office space, but for some reason I keep gravitating towards staying closer to the kitchen. That’s why we are turning a spare room in the first floor into a office part two.

  10. We are going to buy our first house this year and I want space for an office. I want to make it cozy and neat and a place I want to work in.

  11. These are great tips! When we move into our new home within the next coupld of week I will be having a home office. I agree that the chair definitely does matter. I’ll have to refer back to this soon, thanks for sharing!

  12. I’m currently setting up my home office space, your post was super useful. Thanks!

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