Thoughtful Gestures – 5 Gift Ideas to Impress Your Colleagues This Festive Season

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When it comes to finding good gifts for colleagues, can be a more difficult task than first thought. It usually involves a budget that you need to stick to, while still finding something of reasonable quality. Meanwhile, there’s a certain line of professionalism that you cannot cross, making gag gifts a delicate proposition (especially if you don’t know the recipient intimately). So where do you even start? We’ve put together a list of five thoughtful gift ideas you can use to give the right gift this year:

Corporate Gifts

There’s no overlooking the usefulness of tasteful corporate gifts like Custom clipper lighters this holiday season. With a wide range to choose from, you’re sure to find the right pick for your employees or coworkers without any hassle. With a stylish logo added to whatever product you’re after, you’re sure to be a hit with a tasteful, safe gift they can use through the new year and up until the next festive season. That said, if you want to buy gifts for your colleagues, click here to scroll through the bulk corporate gifts.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Do you work with the kind of person who you know not to talk to until they’ve finished their second or third coffee? If so, then without a doubt, the perfect gift for them is a coffee cup they can take on the go. Even if they have a few witty-quote mugs in the office kitchen, there’s no supplement for the kind of cup you can bring on the train, or have filled up at the drive-through on the way the work. Plus, if it means they’re ditching the paper cups, you can pat yourself on the back for saving the world while you’re at it.

A Quality Pen

Give the gift of reliability and peace of mind. You tend only to take notice of your pen if it’s terrible (low on ink, or uncomfortable to write with) or if it has mysteriously disappeared. By giving your workmate a nice, reliable pen to work with, you’re giving them the sort of gift that’ll have them appreciating you each day they use it. For bonus points, if you have the pen personally inscribed, there’s a much lower chance of it going missing.

Scented Candles

One of the unexpected booms in recent years has been the rise of scented candles. Regardless of age or gender, candles are a suitable gift for any of your work colleagues. Many people use them to freshen up their homes, or even as natural sleep aids for the whole family. As attractive as they are useful, candles are a consumable gift, meaning that even if the recipient has a few throughout their house already, more won’t hurt. They add a touch of class to any room and make the place smell better. Even for the burliest of male co-workers, if you tell them it’s for the bathroom, they’ll thank you eventually.

Gift Cards

Always a contender, the ever-reliable gift card is the next best thing to just gift-wrapping some cash. Unfortunately, most workplaces will urge against that as a gift idea. If you can work out their interests to a dominant hobby (fashion, movies, video games, etc.), you can leave the rest up to your colleague to pick themselves. It doesn’t even have to be that specific, with many shopping centers offering gift cards to cover most of the stores in the complex.

If nothing else, these suggestions can at least get the ball rolling and help you stumble upon a perfect present suitable for anyone for this upcoming holiday season. Good luck!

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