6 Ideas for Making Over Your Teen’s Bedroom as They Get Older

Changing up your teen’s room can make them feel more comfortable and secure while at home. Taking down their childhood decorations can be difficult, but it’s a necessary part of letting them grow into the people they want to be. Check out these six fun ideas for revamping your teenager’s bedroom.

Change the Theme

A theme can tie together the whole room and give your teen more options for creativity and fun. They likely have interests different from when they were a child and want them to be fully explored in their bedroom. Choosing a theme can inspire amazing furniture choices, rugs, decor, and more.

Choose New Wallpaper/Paint

Spruce up the walls with a different color or design. Paint may be too permanent for many teens, especially if they want daring colors that’ll take many coats of paint to cover in the future, but wallpaper is a fun and easy choice with limitless design options.

Trade out Your Old Bed

Twin and double beds aren’t enough for growing teenagers. Their growth spurts need queen mattresses and fun and exciting headboards. Queen mattresses give teenagers plenty of moving room as well as space for blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. Your teen will also enjoy the maturity associated with queen mattresses over the childlike and less comfortable twins and doubles.

Invest in Exciting Furniture

New dressers, wardrobes, vanities, and desks are all a part of growing up and providing more room for your teen’s endless personal belongings. Thrifting is a wonderful way to find unique pieces that fit your teenager’s interests while being budget-friendly and exciting.

Add More Unique Clutter

How a teen decorates their room shows who they are or who they want to be when they grow up. Their clutter from jewelry to books to video games represents their interests and what makes them happy. Allow them to decorate and fill their room as they want, adding relevant new toys, games, and objects when you can.

Design a Study Area

Find and decorate a desk that encourages your teen to study. Connect it back to the theme of their room and supply it with educational tools, books, and utensils that will motivate them to learn more.

Work with your teenager to design a room that makes them content and comfortable. A happier teen is more likely to be successful in school and other future endeavors.

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