How Families Can Improve Their Homes with a Few Simple Additions

If you have been in your home for a while, some simple additions can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your house. You can make significant changes to the outside without knocking down walls or breaking the bank.

Front Door

Changing the color of your front door or replacing it entirely effects how you feel about the entire house. Paint your solid door a bold color to provide contrast and create interest. Replace a solid door with one that incorporates glass panels to not only make the front of the home more inviting, but also to allow natural light into the entryway or foyer.


Like a bold colored front door, shutters completely change the face of a home by adding contrast and texture. The addition of shutters makes windows look larger as they break up a flat wall of siding or brick. Shutters may be slatted or flat surfaced, and come in a range of shapes to match the era and décor of your home.


Like shutters, awnings add interest, but they can also be more than pretty additions to a house. Over entryways, they provide shelter from weather for you and your outdoor furnishings. They also block direct sunlight entering the home, cutting cooling bills. Some companies, such as Patioworld NSW Pty Ltd, know that they also minimize damage from the sun to delicate indoor carpets and upholstery. Awnings may be stationary or retractable, allowing you to control sun and shade in patio and deck areas.


Good fences make good neighbors, but they also provide privacy and help define spaces. Privacy fences are great for containing outdoor pets or providing a safe outdoor place for children to play. Decorative fences can also set the mood of a home. White picket fences denote orderliness and add character to manicured lawns, while a wrought iron fence speaks of timelessness and stability. Retaining walls not only keep your soil from washing away during heavy rain, but they are also naturally beautiful accents.

Outdoor Lighting

Extra lighting outdoors improves the aesthetics of your home and makes it safer. Use solar lights to highlight landscape features like trees or topiary. Outline walkways with lights to make them easy to navigate at night. Motion detecting lights deter would-be burglars who prefer darkness over light for breaking and entering.

Every house deserves some upgrades, so pick your favorite projects and commit to a year of improvements for the home you love.

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