Top 5 Things To Keep Your Persian Rugs As Good As New At Home

Persian rugs, known as one of the finest types of Oriental rug, are mostly used to  level up the look of your home by its fantastically beautiful, artistic, and elegant appearance and complementing nature. This cannot be achieved with any other ordinary rug but only by Persian rugs. They are most commonly made from a variety of fibers, including primary wool, cotton and silk. Like the appearance of these rugs is highly aesthetic, it also needs a high standard of maintenance and cares to keep their splendor in its best possible condition.

Also, you may take a lot of care of your royal rug, but it is going to undergo some amount of damage and wear and tear over the years.

Here are a few things that you can do to take care of your precious and valuable possession at your home:

Keep the Rotation On

Most of the experts recommend flipping your antique rugs every year if it is stored. Make sure to rotate the rug once in a month if it is in use at a place where there is more human traffic or direct sunlight.  This will ensure that the wear and tear or color fading is evenly distributed in the entire area to give a more uniform and systematic look. This will help you to maintain its value as well as look. Your rug will be prevented from massive discoloration keeping it a single-color fabric.

Vacuum Clean

One of the most crucial and effective steps to maintain the beauty  of your Persian rugs is the use of vacuum cleaning. In order to get rid of dust, dirt and whatever that comes along with your footwear,  it is important that you vacuum to clean it on a daily basis. If it is not possible to vacuum clean every day, alternate days cleaning is a must. If it is not done, the dirt particles will enter deep within the fibers of the rugs. Vacuuming helps not only to clean the outer surface, but it cleans from deep inside the rug as well.

Professional Cleaning

Since it is not an easy task to maintain those expensive rugs by  yourself, it is better to acquire professional services for the same. You should get your oriental rugs professionally cleaned between every couple of years to keep its shine as good as new. This will also ensure cleaning to the deepest fibers of the rug to avoid residing in any dirt or soil in the natural fibers of the same. Professional cleaning will extend the life of your rugs for you to enjoy even better quality and comfort of the same rug throughout your use.

Block The Sunlight

It is very important to keep your Persian rugs away from direct sunlight as it can take away the beautiful color and shine from the rug. The direct exposure to the UV rays of the sun would quickly affect the charm of the rugs, resulting in discolored patches. The antiqueness of your rug is to be preserved by keeping it away from sunlight. If the placement of your rug is in direct sunlight, you would want to flip it more often.

Keep It Free from Air, Spillages, And Moisture

To save your Persian rugs from any stubborn and irreversible stains that have been sinking deep into the natural fibers, it is important to attend any spillages instantly once they have occurred. Avoid using soap or bleach to clean stains as it will damage your rug really bad. Instead, you can soak a paper towel and dab it in an outward to inward motion to avoid the spread of particles whole around. Also, take all the possible steps to keep your rugs dry and moisture free. You may want to re-consider allowing children and pets on an antique rug. Keep your rug to dry outside for some time free it from any moisture or air.

It is not an easy task to maintain your Persian rugs for which all the above points are going to be very beneficial for your sake. You can take care of all the above things to keep your rugs properly maintained and to keep its charisma alive.   


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